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Bug/Issue Game progress lost when use the same computer for multiple users

Discussion in 'Support' started by peluprvi, Jan 22, 2018.

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    My wife and I have this awesome game, Stardew Valley, and we share a lot of time playing it.
    She plays it on her laptop and I play on my desktop. We use Steam Family Share to test each other's Steam games.
    One day she asked me about my farm and I logged into my account in her laptop. Steam synchronizes the account with Steam Cloud and my game was there.
    Hours later, she logged into her account in her laptop and my farm was there. But her farm has gone forever.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1: Have a Family Shared library with two accounts (I will call them account A and B )
    2: Have Stardew Valley in both accounts (they can play the same game at the same time)
    3: Have two computers (one for account A and other for B )
    4: Have at least one saved game in each account and sync it with Steam Cloud (each one in their own computer)
    5: Config account A to not auto load Steam when the computer starts
    6: Logoff from Steam
    7: Remove the internet connection from computer A
    8: Start Steam with account A on computer A, must be in offline mode this time
    9: Play one day and save it
    10: Logoff from Steam
    11: Start Steam with account B on computer B, must be online
    12: Play one day and save it
    13: Logoff from Steam
    14: Return the internet connection on computer A
    15: Start Steam with account B on computer A, must be in online mode this time
    16: Steam will ask about Steam Cloud synchronization
    16.1: Account A will loose all its Local saved games if answer to overwrite local files with Steam Cloud files. They will be overwriten by account's B save games.
    16.2: Account B will loose all its Steam Cloud saved games if answer to overwrite Steam Cloud files with Local files. They will be overwriten by account's A save games.

    In a personal support report with Steam they say:
    If you are using Family Sharing between multiple Steam accounts on the same computer, there may be some games that do not allow each user to have their own save files.

    This is because there are some Steam titles that keep their saved game files in common folders.

    For some titles this can be solved by having each user log into the shared computer with their own user account in addition to using their own Steam account.

    For other titles, there is currently no way to avoid sharing saves/progress without having a second computer.

    More information can be found in the Family Sharing User Guide and Community Discussions.

    Steam Support

    About Steam Family Share:

    Related topics:

    Possible solution:
    Save local files inside a subfolder with the Profile Steam ID.

    - updated steps to reproduce
    - added possible solution
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    • ltree

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      Thanks for the detailed description of the issue!

      Here I am three years later, looking to find out why I have l suddenly lost three months of progress. I don't think we use the Family Shared library but the setup and situation is pretty much the same.

      That is a sad lesson to learn there is such a bug in how the files are saved.

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