Game progression and getting attached to the main characters

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    A point I miss in starbound and I think that could be easily improved is the feeling of being progressing. I think this game should feel like a great aventure with you and your mates becoming better and closer as you advance. Now, I’ll explain some of my ideas one by one ( I hope this doesn't get long enough to become boring :nurusnooze:)

    S.A.I.L: SAIL is the first friend you make in the game, even though its an AI. You also seem to know it before the game starts. Thats why i think you should need to interact more with him.

    • First, we could unlock a tool to speak to him on planet surfaces. A tool that we could upgrade with tech cards or manipulator modules. It could provide some utilities like acces to a ship chest (wich size could be increased), activate crew chemist debuffs (with a high cooldown reactivation, of course) and depoly the mech. This could solve another issue: the high amount of these modules and tech cards that you can obtain and that become useless in the late game.

    • Also he could make more comments during quests or even have a special quest line itself


    Crew members: Your crew sould feel more like your friends, not like your employees. Thats why I think they should be more irremplaceable. That could be posible if they progress with you.

    • They could seem more special when fighting by your side if each class has a different fighting style (Mechanics could use rocket launchers or electric damage weapons, for example).

    • Their habilities could be leveled up for example by making quests with them and completing tasks they ask you (Chemists debuffs could last longer or have less cooldown).

    • Finally, it would be cool if they could ride as passengers in your vehicles. As several vehicles can be bought to penguin pete and they just change their color, they could be changed so that they have different number of max passengers instead.

    Main storyline characters: The characters from the main storyline are in my opinion really charismatic. I like their appearance and their personalities. But i think the game doesn´t show them enough to get attached to them or to feel that they are important. Lets remember that in the last mission they cry your death, and there should be a reason for it.

    • First of all, I think they all should be useful. Lana sells you augments, Tonauac gives you debuffs and the Baron fixes your sword. They all should have an utility. Also, Lana and Nuru fight by your side in the Baron quest. Maybe more of them could intervene in that or in any other fight.

    • They should be needed to open the gate for the last fight, and not only stand there. Maybe they could be activating each artifact.

    • And finally, I think they all could have a quest line in wich you can get a unique weapon like the Firestorm´s Fury from Nuru´s quests and Hokucide from Koichi´s quests. Also, something could happen to get more attached to these characters in those quests, for example, if Nuru fights in the arena too and you have to save her from the fire knight or if the Ocasus Cult try to steal the treasures in Koichi’s museum and you have to fight them there to avoid it and save Koichi.

    Well, these were all my ideas about the game progression by the moment. If someone has read to this point, i really appreciate it, specially if you liked any of my ideas (and even more if you happen to be a dev). I apologize for my imperfect english and my typing mistakes. I have to say that I wrote this during a holiday weekend while my League of Legends games were loading :happylittletrees:. Again, thanks for your attention!

    Yours faithfully, VuesaMerced.
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    One more thing about crew members: It would be cool if some of them (depending on their personality) interact with the ship pet.

    Also, I want to make clear that when I said they could have different fight styles, I meant different weapons (maybe with the ability of using a special attack in the 2-handed weapons) or summoning a pet depending on their class type and their level.

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