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Gantilon [ Boss ]

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Star Pilgrim, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Star Pilgrim

    Star Pilgrim Aquatic Astronaut

    Log: I've never seen such a creature, even in the works of fantasy. Only that of a lovecraftian origin could explain how this creature had came to be. Its tendrils writhed across the landscape, leaving nothing but death and famine in its wake.


    [Base Statistics]
    Health: 7500
    Damage: 20

    Top Speed: 12mph
    [Combat Notes]
    Type: Boss
    Movement: Aerial
    Attack: Ranged/Melee/Area of Effect
    Jump: Unable

    With this new boss also comes a few new items which you can use.
    Symbiotic - Enemies get dealt 25% whatever damage they recently did to you.

    Trumpet - Chance to send out deadly notes of music that deal 120% your base damage.

    Razor Blade - Increases base damage by 10%

    Primal Core - High chance of lazer damage to enemies when they hit you. Increases health by 10% each level. Absorbs 5% of damage from enemies.

    First Phase ( 100%-66% Health )

    He does his normal ranged attacks, and melee attacks.

    Second Phase ( 66%-33% Health )

    Base damage increased by 75%, health slowly regenerates. Begins spawning Mushrums. High chance of regular Mushrum, Low chance of Elite.

    Third Phase ( 33% Health - Death )

    Base damage increased by 150%, health regenerates at medium speed. Begins spawning regular Mushrums at high chance, and Elites as Medium-Low chance. The Primal Core on top of his head flusters a bright red color, this allows for him to do a lazer attack that has a base damage of 10; Damage increased by 50% every 11% health he loses until death.
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