Gas Planets with "Cloud City" biomes/dungeons:

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  1. Ludovic

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    Basically what it says on the tin.
    I was thinking about it but with Asteroid "planets" already being in the game as a "barren" version of "chunks of rocks floating in a void environment", ontop of the way ocean planets are basically just that if you removed water....

    .... there is little that truly prevents the conversion of "Gas Giants" into an actual planet one could visit.

    And with a "floating islands" or "cloud city"(something which the likes of Star Wars and so many other scifi works have already given us) it could be a perfect occasion for a -very- unique type of inhabited environment that may become on par with the Hylotl underwater cities(seriously,I love finding those to no end) given enough work.

    It could be even a perfect excuse for some more freedom with enemies designs, using a "birds only" selection of enemies to put into the game, except for perhaps the occasional broken down "derelect gas collection station" of the like.

    I feel like that with all that scifi about "gas pumping" station meant to harvest gas giant for endless quantities of "rare gases", it might actually make for a ton of creative opportunities, whether something like that were to be developed before the release of 1.0 or only after.

    If anything, a "Sky City" would certainly feel like the sort of place Avian high leadership might place high temples or "capital cities" on.

    Plus "Gas planet" feels like it could be a natural fit for novakid settlements, as a people who are already part star/"gasbag persons" themselves. So hi-tech yet westers-themed "sky cities/towns" in the swirling clouds of a gas giant certainly feel like it would be a most unique environment for a very unique race already.
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  2. Xylia

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    YES! This would be awesome, to have a whole planet that's somewhat like an asteroid field, only the "asteroids" would be replaced by techy floating structures similar to the kind of thing you see in Star Wars and such. And of course if you fall you can always hit the beam button to beam back to your ship, lol. Perhaps the "bottom" has gas thick enough that makes you fall until you stop falling and you're kinda just suspended in mid-air. But they could have lots of techy floating cities that would be good for tearing apart and/or put villages in these things. And/or have some of them be broken down/rusted/etc (similar to FU's wasteland planets) that are there solely for the purpose of being block farms and/or places to get rare treasure.

    And it'd FINALLY give us a use for those systems where you click on a planet and there's just a gas planet that says "Can't Land!"

    EDIT: Also, take a look at Jupiter missions in Warframe for ideas.
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  3. Ludovic

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    Oh gosh, the cloud stations corpus environment. I gotta high-five you because that's one of my favorite!

    Also fun fact is that with being a gas planet.... you can even add a ton of "winds" weather effect.... like even wind coming from -below- that causes you to actually float upward.

    It might be great if something like a parachute/glider tech, item or vehicle is ever implemented in the game to travel around these when getting such wind currents!

    Plus, as a way of determining where station structures could be.... even without being linked direct by bridges or the likes, you might still see stuff like background pipes and other similar thin structures running from one "Station" to the next.
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  4. Tomas Swageroni

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  5. SssssuperFloran2004

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    Floran likesss to be high up in the Ssssky :nuruhappy:
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  6. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    It feels like a less detailed version of my suggestion on the same subject.
  7. Ludovic

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  8. YellowDemonHurlr

    YellowDemonHurlr Ketchup Robot

    Agreed, that would be cool! Scientifically improbable, of course, the gravity would be ridiculous, but when has that stopped Starbound?

    You could even have temperature change from requiring cold tech to normal to hot tech as you go deeper toward the core, like a real gas giant.
  9. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    Temperature change would be nice-ish but I feel may be a bit moot with environment protection stacking as you upgrade ^^;
  10. emeraldgreen72

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    Cloud city huh well let's hope that there is nothing there that's dangerous
  11. Guest0241525

    Guest0241525 Guest

    Gas giant would be the perfect setting for a cloud city! I would very much like it.

    I feel that it should be dangerously hot, since you'd be beaming inside the actual gases - making them an endgame area to explore, much like volcanic and scorched planets. It would be neat if it were surrounded by a thick fog, like during sandstorms, getting gradually thicker the lower you are - covering your sight entirely and killing you when you drop to the very bottom, somewhat like asteroids.
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  12. Ludovic

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    I personally hope for a more complex "extreme hazards' system in the future post-1.0, but dangerously hot or cold(lot of gas giant in our own star systems being on the "colder" side of it) would definitely be a good fit for them(and make them one of the rare instance of such conditions that would spawn in any number of star systems rather than be limited to fiery stars).

    Also perpetual cloudy storms is basically how I imagine their weather anyway ^^;

    They'd be basically a more inhabited version of asteroid biomes is the way I imagine them(and being a scifi game very light on the science side... even natural floating island could basically be explained to the existance of so-called "floatstone" or a similar material).

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