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    I've been thinking about what could increase the replayability of this incredibly repayable game. Whilst I was playing Terraria this past weekend with friends I noticed the whole reason we were playing was to prepare and get strong enough to fight the next boss. So i started to come up with some ideas. In a huge universe, wouldn't it make sense that there would be huge aliens?

    I came up with some ideas for what kinds of aliens you would find. I'm talking big mothers. Like half the size of the screen big. They would be different from the base bosses. They would be unique to the planet. I'm not sure if they would be better being summoned or just random encounter (a bit of both?) maybe even add a way to hunt for them so it's not the typical "drop voodoo doll into lava" kind of summoning (I still love terraria though xD Also, to encourage players to fight and hunt these aliens, give them unique loot drops like crafting components or some such. Anyway on to the fun stuff!

    Some ideas I came up with :

    Desert planets: Sandworms, Giant Scorpion aliens

    Forest planets: Tree creature (kind of like a giant ent. Think Treeguard from DS), Adult Male Poptop (the mamas are big but wait til you see the daddys)

    Savannah planets: Giant Sabertooth,

    Ocean planets: Megalodons (HUGE giant sharks), Giant Squid

    Snow planet: Yetis, Woolly Mammoths

    Mutated: mutant human of course

    Jungle: T-Rex

    Toxic: Toxic megalodon, giant roach

    Midnight: Shadow mmonster

    Space: HUMONGOUS eater of worlds

    Decayed: Robot Destroyer

    Idk just some ideas. I really like the megalodon and sandworm personally. I think it would be a lot of fun to be on a desert planet and then *shake* *shake* ooooooh that a.....OMG IT'S A SANDWORM!! RUUUUUNNN!!!!!!

    like i said this isn't a completely thought out idea just an idea that would add a ton of content to the game. I think it would be super cool is all. What do you guys think?

    (PS I did not search the forums for anyone that had posted this already....I don't even know If i posted it already lol so don't hold it against me)
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    Floran likesss ssandworm idea. Floran sssory for possting ssso late.

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