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Do you think this boss is at all fair?

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  3. How should I know?

  1. Prawnmaster36

    Prawnmaster36 Poptop Tamer

    A giant version of Your character.

    Uses your armour, your weapon, or weapon combo with the highest dps (if you don't have any weapons it bashes for 75 dmg) and uses your looks.

    Spawning- Spawn when you use a colossus doll(Dropped 1% of the time by any bird or bird-like creature in tier 3 zones or higher)

    Attacks with whatever attacks the highest dps weapon(s) you have. (2x dmg)

    Health- 10x your hp.

    Defense- 2x your def.

    Uses whatever techs you have.

    Drops a supreme version of your weapons and amour ( 2x the attack or defense and can only be made "supreme" once) and 500 pixels per tier (Tier 1 would have 500, while Tier 3 would have 1,500.)
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  2. Badprenup

    Badprenup Ketchup Robot

    Seems rather easy to abuse if you ask me. Sure farming Colossus Dolls would be tedious, but it wouldn't be challenging in any way. You just build some platforms in the sky and wait for them to show up. From there you just use the Doll in a room it can't break out of and smack it til it dies. So it is a good concept but it needs a lot of work. I would get one of these at each sector just to boost my gear so the next sector isn't hard.
  3. Prawnmaster36

    Prawnmaster36 Poptop Tamer

    Forgot to mention that your weapon and armour can only become "Supreme" once so you can't just get like a million upgrades to your weapon and armour
  4. Badprenup

    Badprenup Ketchup Robot

    I assumed as much, but with the current tier system if I get the best Tier 1 Armor(The Copper + Iron set) and any decent weapon, I can fight this boss and kill it rather easily.

    Then I would get a weapon that does twice as much damage, which is more than enough to last through Tier 2. And the armor I had would be stronger than the best Tier 2 Armor (Silver + Steel), at least as far as defense. You won't have as good of energy regen or health but it would work just fine until you get the best Tier 2 armor and a new weapon so you can farm the boss again. Plus you can just farm it for Pixels if you wanted to.

    I would say some changes to the drop system is in order. Instead of it dropping your weapons or armor with doubled stats, the loot would be scaled to the threat level of the planet that you got the Colossus Doll from. Killing a T1 Colossus would drop armor that is better than the best T1 armor, but not as good as the best T2 armor. And the weapon could be a version of your starting weapon scaled to be useful in the next highest tier, T2 in this case. As for Pixels, I would say a set amount per threat level or have it cap at a certain amount. It could be the threat level x 1000 or something like that.

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