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    Carassius atlantia ("Goldfish of Atlantis")
    When spacefaring adventurers think of "A Fish Outta Water", the Gillian race is one of the first to come to mind. Their small pelvic fins allow limited locomotion on land. It isn't the best form of transportation however, as Gillians are absurdly slow on land and tire easily from such a task. Rather fittingly, Gillians are at home in the water, being one of the fastest races capable of swimming.

    Secluded from the outside world due to life mainly underwater, Gillian tech is rather primitive in terms of advancements. Their armor consists of gilded coral, with a highly pressured air bubble attached as a helmet for traveling on land. A Gillian prefers to lure targets underwater where it normally has the advantage. It then proceeds to blast the target with a high voltage shock from its trident-like weapon.

    Under normal circumstances, Gillians are cowardly during first encounters with the unknown, warming up after further inspection. When offered kindness (e.g. Food, trinkets, etc), they're quick to ally themselves with alien forces.

    Carcharodon atlantia ("Great Shark of Atlantis")
    The heavy-hitter of the Gillian species, if a Sharkillian calls you chum, it could mean one of two things; a) You're a pal. b) You're lunch. For your sake, I hope you're of the former.

    The physique of a Sharkillian is more robust than that of the average Gillian. Their strength is well-known throughout Gillian society and is the main militant force in their race's army. Aside from the usual stun-based weaponry, Sharkillians have no problems going unarmed into combat. Well equipped with a natural set of serrated teeth and muscle strength, Sharkillians strike fear into even prepared forces. Records show that a Sharkillian's bite force is strong enough to thrash steel bars, possibly even denser material. Their brutish attacks are like that of an Earth shark's feeding frenzy. Simply said, crazed, brutal violence.

    A Sharkillian's proficiency on the battlefield is only matched evenly by their appetites. In fact, the three square meals a day are a much celebrated past time for these voracious fish. Nothing like fresh meat with a side of Pebejelly dip to get a Sharkillian going. The kind of meat, doesn't matter much. Sharkillians aren't picky (barring their kin's meat. That's just wrong, man.). Some Sharkillians even dine on the go, ripping limbs off the enemy forces piece by piece. So long as the food's good, these sharkmen will keep on thrashing enemy ranks for the Gillian cause.

    The tropical climate of Tethys is bountiful with fruity delicacies. The warm weather year round guarantees steady plant growth, enabling the flora to fully take in the sunlight. Beneath the waves, traditional Gillian crops are grown on the seafloor. These crops are both harvested and used to feed friendly farm mounts (Slaugeists). Docile Pebejellies also feed on these crops for sustenance, which in turn are also harvested for their gelatinous innards which all Gillians love with a slice of bread. All and all, a relaxing farming cycle.

    Coconuts, mangoes, and many more succulent fruits are grown on the island chains strewn out through the Gillian's home planet. Down below, sea cucumber, lettuce, and kelp are harvested for many exotic dishes. The Hyotl culture in particular have recently started trade with the Gillian race for their delectable sea vegetation.

    Bubble Gun
    Weapon NO.: 3
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Normal
    "Bubbles! Everyone likes bubbles! Except when they get in your eyes! Didn't see that coming, didja?"

    Weapon NO.: 4
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Fast
    "We...aren't even sure the Gillian race made this weapon. Apex donation maybe? Doesn't matter I guess. This weapon literally brings the meaning to 'lightning warfare'."
    Weapon NO.: 5
    Type: Spear
    Speed: Slow
    "A trademark weapon of the Gillian army. The tips aren't only pointy; they're electrified!"

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  2. Monkolian_of_Grophus

    Monkolian_of_Grophus Void-Bound Voyager

    Why are you on this forum?
    Go apply for a job at Disney, man! You have so much potential!

    On the actually topic of this race, I do like it!
    Although the limited mobility might stick out...
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  3. Force2Reckon

    Force2Reckon Phantasmal Quasar

    This, that is some AMAZING artwork, also I like the race, I myself would not play it but it's a cool idea.
  4. CommanderCnicko

    CommanderCnicko Big Damn Hero

    Amazing artwork! And I like the idea! Ok it looks like the will put in payable races if you look at Home. And I really like that idea. But the only thing I don't like is... Wait... Are you Atlantis?:V
  5. Ahaha, thanks for your kind comment. xD

    As for the limited mobility, perhaps I didn't thoroughly state it. Its just a bit slower than other classes on land. The "fatigue" in the description isn't really existent.

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  6. Kcribbin

    Kcribbin Phantasmal Quasar

    I like it, great art btw, might play it, great work :iswydt:
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  7. Atrixy

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    It ... looks ... SO CUTE! It's awesome. But I agree with Monkolian, being slow can be annoying. But if you have to sacrifice your speed to become a fish ... it's totally worth it!
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  8. logan5557

    logan5557 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i like it, looks awesome. i would love to play this <3
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  9. Liquidified

    Liquidified Big Damn Hero

    This is great! I would love to have a playable aquatic race!! That would be cool if you could swim in the water with having to go to the surface and if you could swim fast in water with that race!! btw I love your animations how do you make them?
  10. Ah, my animations? Er, well for my .gifs, I use Photoshop. My old flash movies I obviously use Flash for that. Hope that helps. ^^
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  11. Reshy

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    I read the title and thought you were referring to this.
  12. logan5557

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  13. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    Dude... this is awsome.

    (sharpens cooking knives).
  14. omgbradley

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    Holy cow! The artwork is absolutely amazing.

    I really do think that the race is an epic idea, though. :) I can't wait to see the sprites that you're making for it. :whoop:
  15. fetalstar

    fetalstar 404 Artist Not Found Developer

    Oh wow! I love the fish guy! I can't wait to see the sprites. I love your sprites. C:
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  16. A herpy derpy spiderp

    A herpy derpy spiderp Big Damn Hero

    Fish people? Reminds me of Zoras from the zelda games. :p
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  17. Speno1

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    Will they start off underwater? That would be very good.
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  18. Liquidified

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    That would be so cool you start on a planet that is entirely made up of water!
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  19. Breather

    Breather Oxygen Tank

    THIS. IS. AMAZING! I wish I could make stuff like this. :(

    EDIT: I can make lore like this, it's just... Dat fish...
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  20. CommanderCnicko

    CommanderCnicko Big Damn Hero

    Yeah, that would be cool. But they said in the story that you will start on a abandoned space station. And this may not work in multiplayer.

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