Mob Gishlers

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    Gishlers inhabiting a world of tentacles, at the moment they like the idea. They have an average health, able to fly, create and produce in areas that touch explode, releasing toxic fumes. Some combine the capabilities of others.


    Big Gishler. a more sophisticated version of the monster, the more robust and therefore more annoying. version without the tentacles.


    Gishlera. to more dangerous form of all gishler, before her except older dangerous, is launching its poisonous tentacles and poisonous language as toxic bombs, much harder than big gishler but slower than him. making a sound like metal grinding.


    Gishlers. older version after Gishlera and big, he really already has support in the form of flying creatures that are able to shoot poison and as a kamikaze bomb, if your health is below it to ram with a laugh. version without the tentacles and hair.

    Each of Gishlers. have a number of features can be combined through a random attack and the possibility of making them even more interesting and dangerous creatures.


    Small Gishlers. smaller and more innocuous than large, but should be careful, adults can see that someone is threatening small Gishlers, since small can not make harm to others, so it is usually a bunch of flying, if there is not much nearby, the small fly to where the big ones, for protection.




    This monster is a version of the observer and the pursuer, that it looks like things are going at all, and may warn of a possible, although it is weaker than the previous but more secure and able to produce the flying mines, it is fast, but is more vulnerable, he was selected as the most support, but can also be a problem if there is no other, but he would rather fly away, because it is not a strong opponent of war and better step back, but in the present release of their mines. Version carrier mine poisonous.

    Small fly just enjoy life under the care of the big ones.
    Large, protection for small, schooling, can fend for themselves.
    Accommodation, or more severe as the planet tentacles.
    Povidenie, neutral to the player, but there are hunting, ready to defend the small svoyh.
    Domestication, only small, big wild.
    You can drive off, just throw the bait.
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