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Closed Glad Giraffe Update 3: FPS Possible Fix

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by MVenus, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. MVenus

    MVenus Void-Bound Voyager

    So, after I updated to the newest, hottest, Glad Giraffe update I noticed a unique phenomenon. Frame drops. I was taken completely by surprise. My once beautiful 45+ FPS counter dropped to a disgusting 10 FPS. I immediately puked at the sight. I quickly regained my compose and said to my self, "MVenus, do not be alarmed at such mockery. Simply reload your world." and so I did. I quickly teleported back to my ship of great haven and its delicious 60+ FPS counter and recollected my thoughts. Surly this was just a minor hiccup, an anomaly since we are in beta. I returned to the surface of my world and sure enough my FPS counter was reading a wonderful 45+ FPS, I was content and began to explore the world that's when it reared it ugly head. The horrible 10 FPS counter reappeared! Only it came back with force and lowered my FPS to a heartbreaking 6 FPS! I continued to meet this problem. I restarted my game and was now met with 45+ FPS in my own ship! After every restart it continued to drop. I have tried multiple solutions and none have succeeded to return my game to its old 45+ FPS self, and note you that I run this game on my potato from Wal-Mart.
    In my efforts to save my precious game I made a desperate move and deleted it knowing that I could reconstitute it from the grave from the help of Gabe Newell. As such my game now has its beautiful 45+ FPS counter back, but I am worried as others seem to have this issue as well. For now all I can say is that reinstalling had the best effect on fixing this issue. Although I still have random FPS hiccups.

    TL; DR

    - FPS issues after Glad Giraffe update tanked my FPS. Re-install seemed to fix it. FPS hiccups present after re-install, but they do not appear frequently.

    Other noted issues/observations

    - There seems to no longer be anything friendly. Other then rabbits and some realistic birds everything with a face attacks me. NPCs don't attack me or are already dead. Some NPCs attack me still so no issue with the NPCs.

    - I will also point out that when I had these issues after install I noticed that when poking around in my files that the Koala Storage files are still there. I don't know if this is normal.

    The game now runs fine on the regular "Launch Starbound" setting with no external changes. So to any others with the FPS issue I may recommend re-installing. Perhaps save a copy of your character or world. Run the game without those files first to see if the game runs fine and if it does edit your files back into the game and see if the game still runs fine. If not it may be a problem with older characters and worlds.

    I hope this helps someone.
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