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  1. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut


    (These were originally intended to be a race. But due to my lack of genius and the amazing-ness of everyone else in existence I know that this idea would be foolish as a 'playable' race. So I recommend it for Mob or NPC.)

    What they are:

    Glops are living blobs of gelatinous goop that have a mind of their own! They come in many different colors and textures! That consist of many organs much like that of a slug, such as stalks, tendrils, maybe the occasional slime trail drifting behind them. They can wear armor but it is not like the average person would suspect them to look like and they favor rings, girdles, kilts/skirts, and cones.

    Their History:

    In the beginning years of their existence they were simple slimes, trekking around for thinks to accumulate into them to make them larger, stronger, and smarter. Overtime due to the overabundance of stellar gasses, electricity, dust, liquids, decaying matter, and recently deceased organisms led them to evolving to upright blobs of intelligence.

    Once after this enhancement of state of body and mind they began creating, creating culture, buildings, fire, emotions, and onward. Eventually they grew to the point where war was a necessary key to balancing the world's economy. Once they ran out of people to fight they began looking to the stars. A fellow Glop philosopher named Whammy Wozzle and a scientist named Wimmy Whar discovered a key to space travel. A chamber capable of holding a black hole without collapsing, they used that to create a black hole, harvest dark matter, and take off into space!

    However it was cut too short when a malfunction occurred creating a black hole that would then swallow their home world. Only those on the T.I.Y Milcross the ship launched into deep space were the key to bringing this race back to life. They searched, searched, and searched some more eventually they were near done.

    There was nothing left to keep them alive. However while they drifted through deep space they launched a boulder carrying the DNA of both a male and a female Glop into deep space. It finally reached a life capable planet and was dropped through it's atmosphere into one of it's large oceans, for the slimes to regrow and start anew.

    Eons later it was back to square one, the present. The Glop civilization has regrown and spread across the universe.

    Glop Professions and Lifestyle:

    Glops, they are a fairly gentle specimen. They aren't know for war, nor for peace. But for their structures. They made large gelatin structures, they are a fairly advanced species that resemble the medieval Dutch, who enjoyed flamboyant clothes, cones, and jewel-encrusted items!

    They weapon-wise are know for their acidic/poisonous weapons. Their goo serves as a poison into which dipped in an arrow or a bolt can serve as a deadly weapon. They make spray's that can disintegrate blocks as well as enemies!

    Anyhow, the Glops commonly served as splendid craftsmen, merchants, and gardeners. They make great quality produce due to their natural ability to make fertilizers. All merchandise they find and (or) create is greatly handled and shipped. Mostly due to the fact that their soft hands don't leave goop on their merchandise and they pack their crates and barrels with layers and folds of their own regenerating membrane.

    Glop Anatomy:

    The Glops have a very interesting way of survival. They are living gelatinous matter with many forms of glands and organs inside of them. Some organic, some synthetic, some made of cosmic energy. What would confuse most is how it somehow manages to stand in a humanoid form and not drip, or just fall off. It is all held together by a machine known as a Cryosynthetic Unitary Blooming Apparatus. A.K.A: CUBA or the nickname, "The Ice Cube" [Will add pictures later and I give thanks for the idea of the device to Xenalith.]

    Glop's Brain: Their brains are very complex, it has the median intelligence between a human and an apex. They have a colossal memory and have a special race only attribute. They have a mind link between all living/dead Glop's and can see their memories as well as their own. This can of course be controlled. Except for the occasional sick one which would simply die of over-intelligence.

    Glop's Circulatory Tract:

    Well they don't have blood, they have no use for it. Their entire body is just made of a jelly which is pumped around and refueled by movement. Which is why the Glops tend to move constantly. They can survive standing still of course. Due to the fact that they just go into a controlled paralysis. Which after their stasis they can continue to move. It's a win-win. If they move they get better, if they don't move they stay the same.

    Glop's Waste System:


    The females have varying sized pouches on their body (their breasts) which when sprayed by the Male Jelly of the male Glop it will immediately pop the female 'pouches' and send out varying amounts of baby Glops to eat until they grow.

    Glop's Sensory Organs:

    Now this is where it gets odd. Most Glops organs don't originate with them. They occasionally collect them off (from ) decaying matter, merchants, cyborgs, and a basic overabundance of genetic material. So they're eyes, ears, noses, antennae, are all unique. They can be buggish, cyborg, human, Floran, and more. Their eyes however are the only exception all Glops are born with two eyestalks atop their head into which they can see with.

    Glop's Skeleton:

    What skeleton?

    Glop's Movement:

    They move by diverting their gel around using tiny micro amoebas inside of them they push around they're gel and can walk, jump, fight, and more. And at a great speed!

    Glops Relations:

    Glops are actually quite the xenophobes and tend to ignore most races. How ever oddly enough they can't help but be attracted (non-sexually) to the Novakids. So they tend to follow them around for an unknown reason. And they absolutely FEAR florans. That is also unknown perhaps the flowery pheromones are poisonous? Who knows. And for the Humans, Apex, Hilotl (excuse my incorrect-ness), and glitches they are completely careless.

    Glop's Picture:

    Glop Merits and Penalties: (Thank FrankBiscuit for recommending this. And to blazer33333 and Xenalith for giving me ideas)

    Glop have a remarkable ability to meld through small gaps So some of their more.. solid structures have a great security entrance. Considering it can only be accessed by Glops. Unless of course the entrance was to be drilled through. (This should be the natural armor ability)

    Glops have a regenerative membrane. (This doesn't really help, it just explains how they heal overtime.)

    [If Professions become bigger and races get special profession abilities] Craftsman, they are greater at crafting by nature.

    You Suggest!
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  3. Cathriana

    Cathriana Phantasmal Quasar

    Looks good so far, really hyped for some pictures, but I do wonder err...


    Aren't these basicly 'Blob''s ? =o

    The idea seems basically the same and eh.. For this game? =x I am not so sure but that is just a personal opinion, perhaps others will have a different view on it.
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  4. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Btw notice the subliminal message I put in there?
  5. Cathriana

    Cathriana Phantasmal Quasar

    I see what you did there,

    but I guess it just doesn't appeal to me =x Maybe to others though!
  6. Kebab1

    Kebab1 Tentacle Wrangler

    so kinda like this but non humanoid

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  7. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah, but it would have eyestalks, it could have customizable organs and colors, no flies, and no humanoid, no limbs, no dripping, no layers flowing down them. And what not.
  8. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    i know we say to add as much detail to race suggestions as possible but
    tmi dude
    If anything, it's certainly the most unique race I've seen thus far, and you did a lot of things right with it. Hell, I'll give it my upvote just for Jello houses.
    I do have a few suggestions though. One, I think that them gaining their sensory organs from dead bodies might be a little dark for the age group Starbound is trying to appeal to. Two, I recommend you add a little "Relations with other races" tab saying how the Glops feel around or otherwise were influenced by other races. As for an armor sugestion, you could make it do something such as allowing them to pass through one-block walls or something like that. Maybe passing through jail bars.

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  9. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You my friend are a genius. They can meld through bars when naked, they are combustible so fire weakness, and I'll mess with the darkness. Thanks again. BTW I uploaded their picture. It's an amateur drawing though.
  10. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    That's a spoiler tab. Basically, just type [spoiler]Message is here[/spoiler]
    It'll end up being
    Message is here

    If you want to get fancy, [spoiler=Hello]Message is here[/spoiler] will make ii
    Message is here

    And then there's
    [spoiler=Hello, World]Message is here[/spoiler]
    Would make it
    Message is here
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  11. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Many thanks good bean!
  12. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    It does that sometimes.
    Make sure it's just [spoiler=Name]message[/spoiler].
    Now if you need any more help, I'm just going to edit it into this post as to stop cluttering up the thread with tutorials.
  13. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Any more suggestions? ( I am messing with the darkness thing now. )
  14. Newominus

    Newominus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    As with several other races, if the shape of ther body is not humanoid enough, then it will pretty much ensure that it will not be accepted for game or even modded in, because all the armor and clothing in starbound was designed to fit 1 body type. And this ain't no body type I've seen, all the clothing will have to be re sprited.

    Or simply, change the shape of their bodies and it will be alright.

    Stretching or cutting off armor to fit the race is not an option, because it will look gross.
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  15. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Okay thank you for the info.
  16. Sarzael

    Sarzael Oxygen Tank

    Look at the current seven races, then see what they have in common, then take those things in common and put them onto your race.
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  17. NightFire

    NightFire Parsec Taste Tester

    So glops are basically just see-though humans with no bones right?... Just more dangerous
  18. Model QT-377665

    Model QT-377665 Ketchup Robot

    Sorry Gusgallows, I think I'll have to throw my support to the Oscura for gelatinous race, they're, well. Structured better and have a more interesting background.
  19. Gusgallows

    Gusgallows Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh I was unaware of their existence, I'll be sure to support them.
  20. blazer33333

    blazer33333 Phantasmal Quasar

    Good suggestion.
    One thing is that all races all equal. That means no fitting through small gaps or extra damage from fire.
    However, the racial armor bonus could be the ability to fit through gaps.
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