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    By; Wacky Wocky of Vector^2, #21

    orignal intro

    “The Glunaughts are, as previously mentioned, amphibians. They have a large shell covering their back, short tails, and slightly textured skin which needs regular moisturizing. They also have bright white eyes. Glunaughts also have one slightly odd trait, gills. Though they are now useless, having lost their function from a long passed nuclear war. They’re also one block taller than humans with a turtle-like ability to retract their head and neck into their protective shell.”—


    --“From an outsider’s point of view they seem to be a rather cheery, happy-go-lucky race, but do not be tempted to mess with them. They hold friends and kin rather close at heart and will stop at nothing to protect one and other. This, combined with their extreme strength, can be a deadly and brutal end for anyone who posed the threat. It is stated that a Glunaught can smash a diamond with as little as one stomp.”—


    --“Glunaughts began their life in the cavernous regions of the planet Makazi, dwelling in the miles upon miles of caves which spanned below the surface. The caves were very damp with a multitude of rivers, and were lit up by thousands of glowing crystals and minerals, leading the Glunaughts into a future of mining and geological knowledge.”--
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    --“The Glunaughts fondness and affinity for crystals has led to them incorporating them into their weaponry leading to a long line of ranged lasers. Albeit, the Glunaughts rarely use these guns, often preferring swords and shields, and selling off the guns for profit. They’re very famous for their light shields, amongst other things.”

    - WackyWocky (vector^2 #21)

    I will reduce image sizes soon.
    Sometime after The War of Boletes (nuclear holocaust) the Glunaughts were able to get back on track, their technologies advanced greatly and they eventually developed a suit that allowed them to venture deep into The Siccus , Makazi’s only desert. After many years of exploration a team came upon ancient alien wreckage. Through reverse engineering the Glunaughts were able to propel their technologies lights years ahead, and enjoy an early entry into the cosmos.

    The males and females of this species are extremely similar, so much so that the idea of gender roles and any sex based judgment to practically nonexistent. The only exterior difference between the two genders are the tail lengths, with males (left) have longer tails than the females (right)


    Glunaughts, like Earth turtles, can retract their heads into their shells. This is often used to fit in doorways suited for a smaller species or in some forms of attack. Depending on the personality a Glunaught may hide in his or her shell when embarrassed, sad, or ashamed. Shy Glunaughts have been known to keep their heads in their shells at most times making the phrase “Coming out of your shell.” quite literal.

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    Like any other species Glunaughts have slight facial difference from person to person. However they lack a distinct feature such as hair, and different frills to tell some apart in an instant. In order to get past this they began using face paints.
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    Latest Update

    i am currently working on the mod for Glunuaghts.


    Glunaught Species Database


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    You have created awesome. Congrats! Not only is this creature quite unique and not "earth-ish" really in much sense, it is actually very appealing, also! Would they have a slightly easier chance to dodge to make up for their extra height and easy target-ability?
  3. Knartz

    Knartz Orbital Explorer

    Space Turtles :D

    Nice work! Especially the fact that they do want crystals über alles!
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  4. Ravenous Space Rat

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    Space turtles?
    Have they ever visited Earth?
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  5. Seiga

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    I really like the detail you've put into this. Pretty solid suggestion!
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  6. Zeklo

    Zeklo Heliosphere

    If they create a competition for a race so far I vote would go to you, I love the avians so much that I was 100% sure I was gonna choose that for my race, but if this is added I will have a hard time. Keep up the good work!
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  7. Fireninja404

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    i bet these species were very excited when they first found a crystal planet
  8. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    Oh extremely. :)
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  9. Kcribbin

    Kcribbin Phantasmal Quasar

    I really like this idea for a race, this will probably be my first race choice if it's in the game. :D Great job with the detail and art btw!
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  10. Uncleleroy

    Uncleleroy Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I would play as them they are so ccooool
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  11. Run Juan Run

    Run Juan Run Big Damn Hero

    i like it!!
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  12. kablump

    kablump Industrial Terraformer

    dat tail
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  13. Nirn

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  14. FlameCascade

    FlameCascade Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh my god, I love how much you've developed the lore on these guys. I would be all for these being in the game!
  15. Sol Pruina

    Sol Pruina Over 9000!!!

    This is awesome! I hope Chucklefish gets around reading this thread and implements it into the game.
  16. Swinburn

    Swinburn Phantasmal Quasar

    Good presentation, although it is likely that the height difference you specified would create many problems and therefore would not be implemented.
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  17. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    Yeah I feared that. I did my best to make it to were they could fit in human sized entrances, but I worry it may not be enough.
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  18. Swinburn

    Swinburn Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, other than that I like this idea. I like that despite it being a turtle race they aren't short and stumpy like they would usually be presented.
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  19. Ravenous Space Rat

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    Teenage mutant ninja Glunaughts?
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  20. Nirn

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    Thank you, If Chucklefish does contact me, and ask for a smaller size, tbh I would have no issue with that. Also,the secret is to throw some salamander in with the turtle.

    Fund it.

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