Boss Golem boss (first boss)

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    After landing on your first planet, stranded, and you have followed the story line a bit. You find leads to an old temple.
    You enter this temple, and you find a golem standing there,
    It has an old crystal attached to its chest. you activate it, and it becomes alive.
    You will now enter a boss fight with it. It can fire its arms with chains, and it will throw rocks.
    when it enters crazy mode (or rampage) it will do leap attacks and throw huge rocks at you.
    After you defeat it, it will drop the green crystal, allowing you to craft the tier 2 things.
    penguin ship is the second boss, wich you find leads to how to summon by finding ancient writings on a wall after defeating the golem. glowing.
    Boss doesnt have too much damage and its pretty slow.
    [​IMG] Theese are the differente boss modes, and the boss itself of course, enjoy! :)
    if it doesnt work, here is the link
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    I just happened to find theese odd golem files in my computer, i was like what the heck, but ok, i edited them pretty much after that.

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