Mob Golems incorporated with a Quest

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    When spotting and killing the Golem it would drop something simple like ore. With ore it could be the type of ore matches the kind of Golem making endless amounts of Golems.
    -"Ore" Golem with "The specific Ore" ingots in or floating around him treating the mob as a olden day mystical creature that has been on the planet for century's
    -Elemental Golems that could be twisted with the elements around them thus creating water golems that could drop or "leak" water that can be used the the player in a way.
    -----The Water Golems will not be hostile in the deep water of lakes or oceans maps unless you decide to kill the fish or something or take some coral or reefs or things that relate with lakes and rivers.
    Lava Golems with lava dripping where the player can use the lava or pick it up in a kind of way to uses for man things.
    ><><><><> With the ideas in blue the only reason they would attack you is if they see you killing something in there radius or steal there "items the protect" like water creatures or items that grow in water

    -----The Lava Golems will be extreamly Hostile due to the fact they think you are a water Golem or they thin your there to destroy the lava to create obsidian or steal there lava for your doings

    -There could even be things like Nature Golems that are not hostile until you try and "mine or how ever you gain Ore" with each Golem there could be different ways to kill them like with a shovel for the ore Golems and for the nature a Axe and the nature would drop exotic fruits and seeds for things like farming.
    <><> The ideas in green will be hostile only if you cut trees down near them or start destroying there habitat.

    There Environment would be places like in deep caves and where there is a lot of Ore for the Ore kinds of Golems. For the Nature Golems since they will not be hostel they could wonder on the planet in heavy amounts of forest areas and the elemental was described above ^^
    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    Also talked about in the Drops and loot part but to talk more into it the ore Golems would spawn in deep and dark places where ore may be and what not..... Just and idea the Golems could spawn around a certain item or like a totemish item that they may keep position of.
    *Self Explanatory*
    Kinda low health but can only be weakened by the items that would kill the creature but i would put a lot of armor on the Golem and the only way to destroy the armor is with the item that is meant to kill them when the armor is down then you and kill with whatever items that would kill a normal mob.

    -You encounter a Ore Golem you would have to use the digging tool to destroy the armor then when the armor is gone then you can use a normal wep. to kill the Golem.

    -Not sure on the Elemental ones but that's not all up to me but for now they can be weakened with the digging tool because I don't know about the kinds of wep and items there will be
    The Golems could run depending on the size of the Golem but most would walk until the armor is destroyed then i would have it crawl or have the larger ones have rage which would increase the health because the armor is gone.
    The Mob would attack in melee up close and hurl its elements at the player. The element will then become part of the environment which in some cases create a challenging fight. The damage of the melee should be good amounts of damage like if you have 100hp it should hit for around 25hp each hit which would create a part where killing them will be a hard but rewarding experience. With the hurling of the element there could be more damage from the elements and the the ball its self but if you get hit I would put small amounts of damage.
    >>>Who's ready to dodge lava 0_0<<<
    With addition I would put a boss Golem and have a quest where you enter some ruins and inside you discover that the Golems want totems of some sort. but that's just a small idea..

    Thank you for you.
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    Wow this sounds cool, i would love to see them in the game.
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    Yeah, I think it would be great and plus they could touch up the idea and it would be grand.

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