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    Goobles are creatures belonging to the genus Gelsapiea, which includes the many different varieties of Gooble. All Goobles are semi-intelligent gelatinous humanoid figures that are highly adapted to their environment. Goobles are slightly shorter than the player and can be found in almost every environment. Goobles will often attack in groups to overwhelm the player in a fit of sticky punches.


    The most common type of Gooble​
    Very resistant to knock-back​
    Prone to attacking in groups​
    The common Gooble comes in various shades of green, although the reason for the color choice is unknown. Testing has shown that the flesh/gel of the standard Gooble has no special properties other than being extremely fun to poke.​
    Found in swamps/marshes​
    Deals lingering poison damage to the player​
    Poison Goobles come in many shades of purple with pink highlights, although a few have been observed to contain traces of a glowing acidic green. Poison Goobles feed on the poisonous plants of the swamps they inhabit, and should they stop eating said plants their toxicity will fade over a period of weeks.​
    Found near/in fire or lava​
    Deals lingering burn damage to the player​
    Gives off light​
    In lava filled caverns deep beneath the surface of a calm looking planet or in the over-sized furnace of an orbital assembly station, you might find a fire Gooble. When running, fire Goobles tend to leave small puddles of glowing gel-flesh in their wake. WARNING: Even touching a fire Gooble or the puddles it has left behind will most likely result in a burn!​
    Found in oceans, large ponds, and sewers​
    Envelopes player before drowning them​
    Once you've seen a water Gooble, you'll never set foot in a pool without looking for any mysteriously moving creme-colored balls or fish first. Water Goobles are very fast and difficult to spot in water, but once on land they tend to slow down both physically and mentally. All water Goobles have a strange cantalope-like ball suspended in their head area, and many scientists to believe it to be the brain of the Gooble.​
    Found in industrial areas and ruins​
    Able to pull junk out of its body and throw it​
    Junk Goobles are by far, despite their appearance, the most intelligent of the Goobles. Rather than simply charging at the player as all the other Goobles do, they will remove the bits of metal that have become stuck inside of them and throw them as best their little gel arms can do. A few junk Goobles have been tamed to assist rather than attack intelligent races, which is something that has never been able to be done with any other variety of Gooble. Perhaps there's something to be said for high-iron diets...​
    Incredibly delicious​
    Found near baking facilitates​
    No one knows where the infernal kitchen that created the cake Goobles lies, but wherever it is it should be thanked. The gel-flesh of the cake Gooble is the only of all the Goobles that is edible and delicious. Recently, scientists have been conducting experiments on the cake Gooble's DNA to create different "flavors" of cake Gooble. So far vanilla and chocolate cake Goobles have been created, and there a rumors of a new banana flavor. Note: the gel-flesh of the cake Gooble is actually a liquified cake rather than a gel.​
    Found near crystals​
    Damaging to touch​
    Excellent camouflage​
    Deep within glowing caverns of crystal you might find a crystal Gooble. While resembling a more evolved version of the junk Gooble, the crystal Gooble is no more intelligent than its slimy cousins. The crystal Gooble, however, does deal a bit more damage in its attacks due to its mace-like hands and even simply touching the crystal Gooble will often result in injury due to the many spiky crystals scattered across its body.​
    Fastest of the Goobles​
    Prone to spontaneous form loss​
    Emits a faint loss​
    Charged with over 1,000,000 volts, the electric Gooble is a lively one. Being able to run at shockingly fast speeds, the electric Gooble often looses its footing while running at the player and will slide across the ground for a bit. Sometimes, however, the force of the fall loosens the bonds between the particles of the electric Gooble's gel-flesh and the electric Gooble is thrown apart. When thrown apart, the electricity within the electric Gooble is violently discharged in many large lightning bolts that can easily harm the player.​
    Found near radioactive areas​
    Able to levitate for brief periods of time​
    Slowest of the Goobles​
    Grab your geiger counter, because you're going to need it. The radioactive Gooble is believed to once have been a normal Gooble, but after being bombarded with beta particles its strange Gooble DNA was forever changed. Due to its lack of legs, the radioactive Gooble uses its stange radioactive qualities to levitate; however, even while levitating the radioactive Gooble is still extemely slow.​
    All Goobles, excluding the junk Gooble, follow a very, very routine method of attacking. After the Gooble spots the player, their attack can be put in the manor that follows:​
    1. Run at the player.
    2. When about three blocks away, jump toward the player with hands raised.
    3. While falling, swing fists down onto players.
    However, due to their lack of an infrastructure, when a Gooble lands after jumping it will compress into a slimy puddle on the ground for a moment before it pops back into its normal humanoid form.

    The junk Gooble's attack method, however, clearly reflects its superior intellect and thus uses better tactics than running and jumping. Junk Goobles are able to pull bits of junk, E.g. cans, springs, appendages, metal rods, etc., out of their bodies and throw them as weapons. Due to the junk Gooble's lack of muscles, however, any thrown projectile can't travel very far.

    All Goobles do posses a defensive instinct, it seems. When near death, Goobles will loose their humanoid form, drop into a puddle, and attempt to slink away. In this state, they are very prone to sinking through cracks, holes, and openings in the surface beneath them.



    • 7/22/12: Added the Fire Gooble, Added the Water Gooble, Added Attacking
    • 7/23/12: Added the Junk Gooble, Added the Cake Gooble, Added the Crystal Gooble, Added Sprites
    • 7/24/12: Added the Electric Gooble, Added More Sprites
    • 7/25/12: Added the Radioactive Gooble, Added More Sprites
    Feedback? Suggestions? Please place it in the comments below.
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    Hmm, that looks interesting, maybe it can even flee by melting into the ground?
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    I think you should add lave gooble and water gooble and they do what imnotdavis said.
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    Standard goobles should "slush" out of swampy marsh water. I like this idea and I think you should add more goobles. :3
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    I really like the idea, I can see myself capturing the goobles and using them as my pets. I would just like more types of goobles like Zeklo suggested.
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    Yeah update! Well yes this is good, I can imagine encountering a gobble in starbound.
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    Before 01:00 GMT there should be another update with some more stuff, so keep your eyes out!
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    Portal Reference in cake Gooble description:up: . And also great idea;)
  9. This idea made me chuckle. I think it fits nicely in Starbound.
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    Most of them are fairly good, but I think the cake one is kind of strange. It would be nice to see more of them inflicting debuffs excluding from the Poision one. :up:
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    The cake is a lie!:giggle:
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    Pictured: Gooble mating dance

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