Great way to get beautiful shots of your entire farm.

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    So I was browsing PC gamer the other day and read this.

    I noticed a lot of people aren't really aware of it (or maybe they are just quiet about it), so I figured I would share it to give everyone an opportunity to try it out!

    I use it, but with the new zoom function you MUST keep the zoom level at default, or if will go very wrong.

    Secondly, when setting it to a new resolution (specifically ones higher than 1080p) the window will be offset to one side, and there will be some odd boxes and such, I have found simply alt-tabbing out of the game, and then back in puts everything right.

    Those are the two issues I have run into, and honestly the o
    nly two issues.
    As long as you adhere to my advice (if you even experience those issues as well) everything should go smoothly for you as well :)

    Well, that is about it. I hope this helps at least a few people achieve some additional joy from the game!

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