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  1. Grenchy

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    I’ll try to keep my commander suggestions short and sometimes point form.

    Greenfinger’s Wargroove:
    Add the ability to lower the vines that come up from the ground.
    When the vines are in the ground any unit (your own and enemy units) can walk on top of them, if a unit does this it prevents GreenFinger from being able to raise them again until the unit is no longer on top or until the vines health fully depletes.
    The Vine’s health would decrease normally while in the ground.
    The Vines are still visible while underground.

    Reason for this change:
    With the time I have played this game, being a few hundred hours (not much compared to others) I have hardly faced any GreenFingers online and I feel this is true because he is a bit under powered compared to other commanders.
    His Wargroove is pretty good but it’s a bit basic, making him a less likely choice. The natural charge rate of his wargroove is also quite low for the type of groove that it is. If the above changes were made to his wargroove then I feel his charge rate is justified otherwise, I feel it should be slightly buffed in some manner.

    Other thoughts:
    I have used GreenFinger’s Wargroove in interesting ways offensively and defensively although, it can only really be utilized in a very obvious way that your opponent doesn’t even have to foresee. Adding complexity to the groove without powering it up would make GreenFinger more fun to play as and fit his character better being a seasoned warrior.

    Anyways thanks to whom ever reads this, I hope you consider adding my above suggestions in, if not could you please leave a comment on why/the current reason for it being the way that it is.

    Thank you,
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