Mob Guarge (Gar-geh)

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  1. The Demon of Borders

    The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

    The Guarge are a "formless" species; no two are exactly the same, a bit like zebras. Guarge are actually massive colonies of "Eukary" cells. These tiny microbial pranksters are well known for being annoyingly sticky. Guarge colonies are carnivorous, and eat meat by surrounding it and subsequently feeding on it. However, since most creatures prefer to not be eaten, the Guarge have learned how to stick to almost any natural material, and pull chunks out of it, forming armor. Like this, they begin to "run" towards their prey and attack it with no rest.

    For the weary adventurers, Guarge aren't too hard to spot. They live underground, and charge out of caves at the sight of prey. When they aren't armored, they let the colony loose, appearing as a green muck seeping through the surrounding stone. Approaching a sleeping colony is not reccomended! They could easily get your feet stuck and batter you between two stones. Guarge can swim, but sink when armored. Use this to your advantage!

    There are distant rumors of a star ship crashing onto an unknown planet, and the survivors sent a message back to their station. It described the planet being "covered with a slimy substance" and "it seemed to come alive". The pilot was never found, nor his ship. Some say that the slime was actually a massive Guarge colony that absorbed him, but apparently let him live. They kept him alive for an unimaginable amount of time, and he waits as the king of the giant colony, ready to punish those that did not dare attempt to save him.

    No pictures have been taken of a Guarge colony yet. They usually eat the camera. Trust us, we looked on Stargle and found nothing.

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