Race Haha/Hoho: A symbiotic duo

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    Here's a presentation of a two-in-one race for Starbound:
    Two distinct races that form a symbiotic bond at a young age, the Haha are small, perpetually grinning fuzzballs, and the Hoho, large, sophisticated quadrupeds. The Hoho acts as the brawn, and brain, while the Haha gets a vantage point for sightseeing.

    When the player chooses Haha/Hoho, they will have to name both characters:

    Their armor is outfitted with special mental links that improve the teamwork between both races, though the equipment slots are a little different: Leg slot(Hoho lower body), Torso slot(Hoho upper body), Head slot(Haha entire body).

    They also have their own unique weapon: the Dyna Glove, which is just the simple act of the Hoho spiking the Haha into enemies:
    In the event another race uses this weapon, they will instead use a volleyball with the same pattern as their racial flag on it.

    Personality wise, they typically have contrasting personalities with the Haha speaking out loud, with the Hoho's internal thoughts: "Somebody defaced this white rock, [HOHO NAME]!(Actually that's just a Floran Bone Trophy, [HAHA NAME])".

    On a side note: I know it's not a very reasonable suggestion as all of the outfits would have to have alternate designs for this race.

    I await your opinions and feedback on how to expand this idea.

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