Modding Help Having an error when loading my custom race.

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by TetraKataki, Apr 28, 2020.

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    So I've made myself a custom race. I've been doing on and off troubleshooting to find errors and make sure it's functional before I add more things, like custom clothes, gear, and furniture. Unfortunately, I have a fatal Access Violation error every time I try to load a character of this specific race. I can still create them, I just can't load into the ship at all.
    To double-check if this was just me, I sent the files to a friend (who backed up their stuff) and it works perfectly fine with them. It also occasionally gives me "bad allocation" instead, and doesn't crash but goes back to character selection.
    So this leads me to wonder exactly what the issue could be. If I figure this out, I can safely work further on the mod and not have to rely on someone else being my sole tester. I know it's on my end, but I've also narrowed it down to this specific mod being the cause and no other, as I don't get this error if the mod isn't in use or if I'm using any character unrelated to this custom race.
    Below is a list of things I've tried:
    • checking for missing files in the game and having Steam repair them
    • uninstalling and then reinstalling the game
    • removing all but the essential mods for this project
    • making sure Windows Defender had nothing to do with it since I recalled once seeing something about it being able to do something like this (I can't recall for the life of me where and when, though)
    The log file is provided with this, and I hope it's of some help. If it's needed, I can also give a .zip with all the files for this race.

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    Took a look at the thread. I'll see if anything in it might help. I'll edit this with the update of what works/what doesn't.
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