Having some problems when I try to run Eastward :c heeelp

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    Good night, before anything just wanna say that my english is very bad, but I'll try my best.
    I was having some problems with my computer and before I solve them (I had to change de HD) the game was working perfectely. Since I changed my HD I can't play the game cause when I iniciate it the game stay in a black screen.

    I'm so anxious to play the game and I already tried a lot of things to solve the problem, but it just doesn't work and I'm getting really sad ;/

    I'll list the things I tried to solve this problem:
    - Execute the program as administrator
    - Change compatibility settings
    - Tried a lot of inicialization options in steam

    Another important things:
    - For some reason this is the ONLY game in my steam library with this problem
    - I tried to run the game in my sisters computer and the same problem happened, so I believe there's some issue with my save or my account (not sure), probably because the game bugged very hard the last time I tried to play it when the my computer was still with the HD issue

    I'll leave a image of how the game look when I start it

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