Having your children take after your farm when farmer dies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by abigailcool123, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. abigailcool123

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    I wished have a another generations and maybe new clothes,pets,hair,shops, and if we did they did the have next generation maybe we see jas and Vincent grow up
    • Sventex

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      That's sort of the ending of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, only you don't play the next generation.
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      • Erick648

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        Yeah, I think it would be fun if there was another farming game similar to HM:AWL (only ideally with customizable timeskips and a playable epilogue; in fact, I've mentally outlined such a game before), but that seems like the sort of thing you'd need to design the game around from the start, so I really doubt it would happen here (if it happened at all, it would be an expansion pack-level upgrade, but I don't think it's likely).
        • Mika134

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          Whilst it would be cool to play as your child, you can sort of "pretend" it happened. You can get rid of your kids, then use the Wizard's shrine to change your appearance to that of an adult version of your child. Or start a new file as your kid, so it's like they have a farm of their own and now have to befriend everybody all over.

          Jaz and Vincent obs won't grow up, but we need some kids in the village and I think there's so many characters in Stardew already, and more events and cutscenes being added all the time, that we don't particularly need any new ones yet - in terms of offspring etc. Quality outweighs quantity.

          I would rather see more life progression and development with current characters, than them just adding new ones for the sake of just having more NPCs. We have a lot of personalities in the village already which can be developed. It would be cool to see characters businesses grow and change, as well as their hobbies, and perhaps little expansions when they decide to pursue their own goals - Leah getting an art gallery would be the best IMO.

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