Mob Hell Hound (with sketches)

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would you like to fight this enemy?

  1. yes, bring it on!

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  2. no way, i don't want to be near one of those things

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  3. maybe if i had the right gear i'll take it on

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  1. Ephexis

    Ephexis Cosmic Narwhal

    i did a search a couldn't find anything on anything called hell hounds, so im hoping there isn't a hidden topic somewhere on them d:

    anyways onto the enemy, obviously by the title they are called hell hounds(to generic of a name?)
    I've got some sketches i drew below in this spoiler tag




    in this second spoiler tag, i have the same sketches, but i added some brightness and contrast to bring out some of the details some more since i took the pictures with my cell phone d:




    - hell hound fang > the fang of a hell hound, used in the crafting of armor and weapons / uncommon drop rate

    - hell hound pelt > the fur of a hell hound, used in the crafting of armor / uncommon drop rate

    - flame crystal > the crystallized fire breath of a hell hound, can be used to create pretty decorations and other rare items the topic creator hasn't thought of yet d: / rare drop rate

    - Hell hounds only appear on molten / lava type planets in level 60 - 80 difficulty

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    - this mob doesn't spawn very often but is very dangerous, there is a 15% chance at midnight exactly once a week on a random day, that a hell hound will appear

    - if you happen to be unlucky enough for one to spawn, run away immediately or seek higher ground so it cannot reach you

    - a large pillar of flame will erupt out of the ground unleashing a hell hound, and you'll be able to hear it roar from a long distance away, that's your cue to get moving

    Health / stats/ etc.
    - a hell hound has high HP, and high defense
    - all hell hounds are weak to ice/ water type attacks
    - getting a hell hound wet with water will prevent it from emitting fire from it's fur for a period of time

    - hell hounds can move exceptionally fast and pin down it's target in a short amount of time

    - fire blast > the hell hound opens it's mouth and unleashes a blast of fire(imaging a ball of fire shooting in a straight direction)

    - flame thrower > similar to fire blast, the hell hound opens it's mouth and emits fire in a short radius in front of it: can easily inflict burning upon a player

    - bite > self explanatory, the hell hound attempts to take a bite out of the player(has a small chance to inflict bleeding)

    - lunge > the hound leaps forward in an attempt to pin the player to the ground and maw them(easily recognized when a hell hound leans down and growls before this attack)

    - emit hell fire > the hell hound roars and fire is emitted from it's body in a short radius and can continue moving after this has been activated, this continues for 30 seconds or until the hound is defeated, drenched in water or frozen

    -upon defeating a hell hound, they will burst into bits of flames and ash, and vanish into the air(the flames won't hurt the player so don't worry about being to close when killing one)

    so that's it, i appreciate it if you took the time to read all that, comments and critique and that stuff if you want
    if you've got questions or something you'd like to see changed or added in, just let me know ;)

    *side note, if anyone would like to try and sprite a hell hound or something like that, feel free to show me any works you've done
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