Hello everyone! Things regarding Wargroove (spoilers)

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    1. Overall it was so much fun! I played on damage reduction lol but very satisfying to just pump out dragons repeatedly.
    2. Treebuchet. Need I say more?
    3. The voice acting was incredible, you could tell they had so much fun!
    4. At first I was a bit salty we didn't get a set ending, but it's fun to theorize!
    5. The- the person that carried the crown all that way deserves a medal. And possibly a race in their honor.
    6. I love that there's still the Floran treehouses I love the treehouses when playing Starbound nice touch.

    Now to the more spoiler stuff.
    7. Mercia being slightly conserned when Ragna sinks the boat.
    8. Mercia being in shock when she kills Sigrid.
    8. Caesar sniffing around in a cutscene before something happens
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