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    [ANSWERED] I recently bought Starbound, although i've known about the game pretty much since its release, I didn't buy it until now (I'm glad I bought it). But I am new to the forums, especially the modding community, and i wanted to attempt to make a mod of my own, but I still don't know how to do sprites for a mod, (editing the pre-made sprites). Can someone please tell me if there is some kind of program that will allow me to do this easily?
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    First you need to unpack the game assets. There's a tutorial thread for that.

    Then you can find whatever spritesheet you want to edit and open it any image editing program which supports alpha transparency and png files.

    Also you must enable file extensions if you are on Windows. Google how to do so for your version of Windows if you run Windows.

    [INSERT ORIGINAL NAME] Intergalactic Tourist

    Thank you! :D

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