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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by KaiNalu, Apr 27, 2020.

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    Aloha Starbound community!

    My name is KaiNalu and I’m looking for some help. I was wondering if anyone could help add surfboards into the game as a furniture/decoration item. I would love to work with whoever wants to help with designs, shapes, etc. I have no knowledge on modding, but would love to learn if you would want me to be that involved. My Steam name is kainalu96 and I’m usually on almost every day, I’m on Hawaii time so my be later at night for some.
    I'm going to attach some pictures I found on google that portray what I'm imagining. If the boards could come in the game horizontal and vertical that would be ideal. [​IMG]
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    Hello, KaiNalu!

    First off, do note I am a beginner modder, but I'm more than happy to help you out.

    I believe this would be a rather simple mod to make. In fact, this is likely a perfect project for somebody to learn modding because it's essentially a copy-and-paste of an object, but with tweaking to get some familiarity with how it's set up. The Starbound Official Wiki has a helpful guide on modding.

    Unpack your assets, look in the "objects" folder of the assets you just unpacked, and find a similar item. ".\floran\huntingweaponrack1" for a ground-mounted rack and ".\hylotl\hylotlkatanarack" for a wall-mounted rack would make great templates. Both of these objects have 4 files in their folder: a .frames file, a .object file, and two .png files. I'd recommend using Notepad++ (do not use "Notepad", which comes with your computer) for opening and making the .frames and .object files, and using Aseprite (it's available on Steam and it's apparently what Chucklefish uses, but it costs money) for .png files.

    Now the folder your mod will be stored in so the game can read it is "mods". Make a folder for your mod there. The folders in your mod's folder where new content will be should mirror the directories in the vanilla assets. Using a ground-mounted surfboard rack as an example (and assuming it's not going to be tied to any specific race), the directory would look like ".\[yourModFolder]\objects\generic\[yourStandingSurfboardRackFolder]". In that folder would be the 4 files, like those in the "huntingweaponrack1" I mentioned earlier, but, instead of a standing spear rack, a standing surfboard rack.

    Test your mod in game. I'd recommend running in win32, as it will run faster and be disconnected from the Steam interface, meaning only mods in your mods folder will be loaded. This reduces the likelihood that any bug you encounter was caused by a mod conflict (especially if this mod is the only mod in your mods folder). Note: I'd make a new character to test mods so don't care if something goes wrong. Use console commands to spawn your items and use all functionality to make sure everything's working.

    When you're done and satisfied with the result, pack the mod (very similar process to unpacking your assets) so the game will read it faster and it will be easier to download if you decide to upload it.

    If you need any more help, you can - of course - reply or you can add me on Steam (do note I'm on West Virginia time, but I'll try to reply as quickly as I can).
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    I am also here if you need help. I tried to add you on steam, but it says no one found by that name. Mine is Projectmayhem1983

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