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Help me please

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Link117318, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Link117318

    Link117318 Space Hobo

    Hi im new here and new to starbound. Got it yesterday. Loved the intro ans the music ect. However, my game keeps freezing. I checked if my PC can run it
    I have an I3 core
    Windows 10
    The standard PC which works for most high end games. So after terraria worked i expected this to as well

    PROBLEM is that every 3-5 seconds the game will crash and freeze and the bar will say "not responding".

    You dont understand how much grief this causes me...........

    Can someone pls given some advice. I updated all my drivers yesterday and cleaned up my pc files. It should work but doesn't.
  2. Link117318

    Link117318 Space Hobo

    Ok so i just ran it in admin mode. Worked very well for like 10mins but now its not working when i use the manipulator. Whenever i try and break something it lags and goes to the not responding freeze mode.
    Also it started to rain and that totally ruined everything....
  3. Link117318

    Link117318 Space Hobo


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