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  1. Bonabopn

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    Your S.A.I.L. should tell you more things. Examples:
    1. Explain shield generators the first time you attempt to use your Matter Manipulator on a shielded object/block.
    2. Explain that the MM has been disabled on missions due to the planet's defense systems.
    3. Warn the player when they attempt to enter a Planet they don't have protection for.
    4. Yell "ACCESS DENIED" at unauthorised players who try to use your SAIL panel or ship locker.
    5. Warn the player to take cover when hostile weather occurs. (meteors/acid rain)
    6. Remind the player they are injured (or add a "low health" sound effect)
    7. Explain how respawning costs money.

    Anyone have any other ideas?
  2. General Nuclear

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    more dialog for the s.a.i.l is coming.
    but i don't want it to be like the guild master in fable, *your health is low do you have any potions or food?* naging at me every second in combat, at least we got the option to kill him 70% all players killed him beacuse of the nagging and because of that they made a easter egg of it in the second game

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