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    so i have a friend who is trying to make an animated workbench in our mod work but it dosn't work properly. we looked up this guide ( ) and it was of great help but there is a file that ends on ".animation" and we can't make sense of that one file.

    ingame the workbench is displayed 4 times, each instance of this should actually be a frame of its animation. does this have to do with that file?


    any tipps? Feel free to directly private-message my friend in addition to posting here! his forum Username is:
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  2. lazarus78

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    no animation file is needed for objects to be animated. You need a frames file and a few lines in the object file. Check out... like any of the animated objects from the vanilla game

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    could you post an example of these "lines"? or maybe post a screenshot of how it should look for a properly animated workbench? (like the architects table for an instance)
  4. lazarus78

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    Just look at how other objects do it. There are plenty of examples in the assets.

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    i can't really look at annything. it is my friend who does the programming .-. so i have no idea what i would need to look for. .-. could you maybe exactly tell me what i need to tell my friend what he needs to look for?
  6. iMisterX

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    This is what you exactly need:

    A .frames file which has the following code:
      "frameGrid" : {
        "size" : [32, 40],  // numbers depend on your object's dimentions
        "dimensions" : [4, 1],
        "names" : [
          [ "default.0", "default.1", "default.2", "default.3" ],
      "aliases" : {
        "default.default" : "default.0"
    And you put those lines in your .object file, in the "orientations" directory near the end of the file:

          "dualImage" : "filename.png:<color>.<frame>",  //doesnt have to be "dualImage, just mae sure you have the <frame> part
          "frames" : 4
          "animationCycle" : 1,

    KRANOT Big Damn Hero

    thanks i will forward it to our programmer! i hope this is what he did wrong ^^

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