Help with Exploration/Upgrades (Unstable Nightly)

Discussion in 'Starbound FAQs, Q&A, and General Help' started by Godsire88, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Godsire88

    Godsire88 Big Damn Hero

    I've been playing Unstable Nightly ever since i found out about the new crafting tables and side-quest.
    But when I'm to the point of being unable to find a Avian Tomb in the starting star-system and wondering where to upgrade the Matter Manipulator I've kinda ran into a rock and a hard place.

    Does anyone know if this problem is because it's Unstable Nightly or maybe I got a bad star-system spawn?
    As for the upgrade with the Matter Manipulator, once again is it because its Unstable Nightly?

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