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    I would consider myself still fairly new to the game, only gotten through 1 year and decided i'm gonna start over. I know the game technically goes on forever, but I want a second go at it since I made a lot of mistakes on my first save. Anyways I have a problem in my hands. I want to get a perfect score on Grandpas Evaluation, and in order to do that I need to fix the community center. That's fine and dandy other than the fact that it needs you to gather Animal Materials for one of the bundles. Now I tend to stay pretty specific on what my farm is gonna be about, and I don't want to own any animals, so how do I get around this, is there any way to get around it? Any other help with Grandpas evaluation would be helpful, but I really need to get around this.
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      There's a gypsy vendor across the road from Marnie, south of your farm. She's open Fridays and Sundays till 8PM. Her wares are randomized, as are the prices, but it is possible to buy all the animal products from her if they show up on her list. The problem is it's RNG, meaning totally random what she'll sell any given day. It's also relatively pricey early game. Many animal products are also required for cooking recipes, in such quantities that it'd be pretty inconvenient to go without animals entirely.

      Have you checked the wiki for what things are required for a perfect score? It's mostly skills, cash, relationships, and a fully upgraded house. I believe being married also adds points.
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        Last time I checked all that applies is that you get up to 7 points for having 1 million total life earnings, 500,000 is 5 points, 300,000 is 4 points, 200,000 is 3 points, 100,000 is 2 points, and 50,000 is 1 point. 2 points for having max skills or 1 point for having 30 levels across all skills. Being married with a max level house is only 1 point, same with master angler and the full shipment achievement. Completing the museum is also only 1 point. Having a 4 heart relationship with your pet is 1 point, and 2 points for having a 8 heart relationship with 10 villagers, or 1 point for having a 8 heart relationship with 5 villagers. Completing the community center is 3 points and having the rusty key is 1 point and same with the skull key is 1 point. In order to get the best Evaluation I need at least 12 points. What should I focus on really?
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          The relationship with your pet is a doddle-- just pet your dog or cat every single day and you'll be fine there. It's also not hard to get the relationship points with the villagers if you socialize a bit, pay attention to birthdays to gift people, and so on. Your skills will level pretty well across the board if you do a bit of everything, so, you should also get the point for thirty levels across your skills without too much trouble by the end of year two. It won't be hard to get at least half-a-million by that deadline, either-- plant berries in the spring/summer/autumn, make wines and preserves, and you're golden. (A million is harder but certainly can be done if you're diligent.) So adding those 'easy' points up, you're already at nine points.

          The Skull Key is the easier of the two keys to get, you just need to dive to the bottom of the mines. Winter is the best time to concentrate on that (your farm has minimal upkeep) and you can dive five to ten levels a day once you've got a decent weapon and can craft staircases. Just carry enough stone for staircases, enough food for healing, and don't worry about exploring. When you're going for depth in the mines you just want to get down in five-level increments to unlock the next elevator point. Anything less than five levels at a time won't help you progress. Once that elevator point is unlocked you can always go back at your leisure to mine for ores or explore.

          Between upgrading the house and getting married and the community center, the marriage/house is vastly easier. There are better guides than I could write for getting the CC bundles done in record time, but it's certainly a lot of work to finish in two years. Marriage, on the other hand, just takes daily visits to your sweetie, twice-weekly gifts, and money for the house upgrades. It's a more focused task but a lot less work.

          I would /not/ count on being able to accomplish the full shipment or completing the museum in two years. (Or the Rusty Key, which is a nearly-complete museum reward.) There's way too much luck involved in getting all the artifacts and items needed for those, and no way to plan for that luck. You just have to have the random number generator go your way to get the artifacts you need-- some players have been searching for that last missing artifact for /years/ of game time. If you're good at the fishing mini-game (or plan to use an easier fishing mod) the Master Angler is possible, but some of the Legendary Fish are seasonal-- miss them and you've got a whole year to wait until your next shot.

          Above all else, remember-- Grampa's evaluation isn't set in stone. If you can't get the four-candle judgement on your first try, you can always summon him back with a diamond on the shrine, and let him give you another chance. Good luck with your game!
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