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Here are things that were promised for this game, I really hope they'll come out one day

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Iristh, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Iristh

    Iristh Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello everyone, as a matter of fact, this post is not a complain post. I'm not whining on anything, because there are no reasons to, the game development is on the highway to 1.0 while the lore of the game is getting thicker and thicker with every nightly update. This is great and i'm really looking forward to 1.0 as someone who follow the game since it was recommended by Redigit from Terraria.

    I admire Chucklefish for every change they did to the game, they did not surrender that game even when many haters were out but I wanted to remind them of some things that seduced me back in the days:
    • Changing your ship, like having a human cruiser while playing a Floran.
    • Space Station: those were scrapped for upgradable ships and guild hall, but what excited me the most about these were things such as the Research Lab and the Hangar Bay. The ability of dropping from your ship to the planet without beaming but dropping from space is something I really wanted in this game.
    • Special tech for each race: it's been a while since i've played but I don't think i've seen superior hostile NPC such as Avian generals with forged wings
    • Vehicles: I know they're gonna change mechs from tech to real object but here is a thought; unique mechs for each class with different attacks, spacehover with different design, glitch horse mount, little spaceship or flying vehicles would be cool, as long as they're not tech and can be dropped from your spaceship.
    • Blueprints: I don't remember when but Chucklefish mentionned building blueprint. You give the blueprint and materials to a NPC and he build himself the construction. It can even be expand to ship's blueprint like the teleporting room, Hangar Bay, Research Lab, with elements removable and some not.
    • Reputation: this is a sandbox but with all the lore in it, I think we can have differents factions with some allied and some facing each others. We already have the Protectorate, the Kluex cult and it's opponent, we need more, to have followers and everything.
    • Biohazard, natural disasters, total destruction: this is something I've always wanted for a sandbox game, radiations, tidal waves, volcanic eruption, earthquake, typhoons and tornadoes. Meteor showers were a step in this long path but I think player-base disasters would be cool. Bombardment, Death Star-like lazor, nuclear launch and ways to prevent this
    • Protections: I think we definetly need shield generator like Star Wars or Ogame. Smaller ones for a bubble around your house, protecting it from hazards and eventually making it lethal with upgrades, and HUGE ones for planets. Orbital shield around not generated planets where capitals are (homeworld would be cool, reconquesting the Hylotl world, going back on Avos ..
    • Spaceship dungeon, space wreckage and motherships.
    I'm done with suggestions but most of these were already concept back in the days when the game was announced. Thanks for reading me.

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  2. Garatgh Deloi

    Garatgh Deloi Master Astronaut

    None of these things have been promised.

    They have all (or at least most of them, i do not remember reputation and blueprints) been mentioned as something that was part of the plan at the time they were mentioned.

    But a game changes while in development, often ending up way different then the early concept, anyone that has ever been part of a games development knows this and chucklefish themselves have mentioned it more then once.

    (To put it bluntly: EVERYTHING is subject to change while the game is still in development, every idea, every plan, everything).
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  3. xan713

    xan713 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    If these things don't come to be, it would be interesting to at least seek them as mods.
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