Here's my plea and breakdown for slime farms in the next update!!

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If the slime system was revamped to be more efficient, would you (still) use it?

  1. H#%# YES!!! Bring on those cute little slimes!!!

  2. No thanks, my farm is already perfectly organized down to the last crop, sprinkler, and scarecrow.

  3. Maybe. I'd have to try it out and see.

  1. Mistcrawler

    Mistcrawler Void-Bound Voyager

    For the love of all that is farmy (I know that's not a word, but it should be!) and good in this world, we need more of a point for the slime hutch/press/balls in this game. It seems to be the only crafting station (aside from arguably the pan or charcoal grill IMO) that is grossly inefficient in its purpose, and even more so in the space it takes up. There's three points I'm hoping to get some feedback on, and hopefully at least get the dev to consider for the next update:

    1) The awful inefficiency in resources needed vs resources gained: The slime hutch is an end game building requiring one Iridium bar among other mats, add in at least one slime hutch, and you get.. slime balls. Even with this current update with a chance for petrified slime, it just seems like a huge waste of resources which is a shame for having the cute little slimey buggers on my farm. Add on top of that you're wasting valuable farm space on a building the size of a barn (or roughly the same size or bigger with the outside trick), and it feels like a huge letdown IMO. That being said, there could be an argument made that certain slimes are said to drop iridium bars and gold bars, but that brings me to my next point...

    2) To 'farm' the cute little slimes you put your precious resources into and took days of careful breeding, you take out your trusty sword and... I can't even finish this sentence :( Butchering of animals was taken out of Stardew Valley early on (although I'm kind of wishing they did something to compensate for that as well, but that's a different topic), so why is the slime farm the only thing being butchered for its products? I saw on one thread in the past that they suggested an active milking/watering system for the slimes where the slimes would grow or shrink in reaction to how full they were. And after reading that I thought to myself, what would happen if a slime grew too big and couldn't grow anymore? Answer: it'd burst into even MORE slimes (and maybe slime balls?). Or someone else in the past suggested a slime king which sounds pretty fun too - it could either be an optional boss with a special reward or a cute pet/animal that wouldn't attack you and wandered the farm (or either/both - maybe include an option in the farming tree that lets you pick what happens with the slimes).

    3) And although this also borders on the efficiency point as well, give slime products a price boost by allowing them artisan products as well. Breeding animals, in general, don't produce products that sell that well by themselves, but are used for a variety of cooking and artisan goods as well as community bundles. It would seem only fair that the breeding slimes would have a similar system.

    Well sorry for the rant, but I'm hoping more info would be better than less. What do you think? I could definitely use more input in my comprehensive slime plea :)
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    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      You aren't the only one who feels this way, someone else posted a pretty good slime improvement thread here not too long ago, and CA actually responded and said he had wanted to work on the slime breeding mechanics for 1.1 but he ran out of time. So it's definitely something that may get fixed in the future.

      If you want to look over that thread, it's here:
      • Mistcrawler

        Mistcrawler Void-Bound Voyager

        Thank you for the heads up! Wow that's great that he responded - ConcernedApe has surprised me a lot as a dev in a good way :) I have a few points I would have liked added to that last thread, but as long as he's looking into slimes, I don't care if he ignores this post altogether - that was my main purpose for making this thread after all :)
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        • CarolineNz

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          Hahahaha I agree 1000%. I spent time and resources to make this Slime Farm... and ended up serving for NOTHING.
          Like absolutely nothing.
          I destroyed it.
          The slimes don't even reproduce quickly enough so you have the pelasure to go there daily and smash everything.


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