Hi, any irish Stardew Players like me?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by MiuNya, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. MiuNya

    MiuNya Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey guys, new here to the forums, not a new player, ive played multiple farms now with friends and my own one of course called Miu Farm :)

    Whats everyones farm name and why they choose? Might give me a glimpse into who you are.
    For me, Miu just sounds kinda like a meow and I was cat crazy growing up so its been with me since I was a tween, in my 20s now lol!

    So who else is from Ireland? I dont know many gamers IRL bc my town is small and im a shut in.

    Here is a Prt Scr of my farm girl and horse.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I am an Artist and take commissions so if youre interested in having some art of your fave stardew character I can share my art page!

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  2. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    My current farm is named 'Brambleberry Farm' because I like how it sounds.
  3. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Hi, MiuNya! Welcome to the forums!
    My farm name is Evergreen Farm, and it is a forest farm. Why? Because I think it sounds cool and awesome.
    Sorry, I am not from Ireland.
    There are some art section here. Maybe you would like to check it out.
  4. Captain Karo

    Captain Karo Cosmic Narwhal

    Welcome, MiuNya! Unfortunately I’m not Irish, but I’d love to visit someday!

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