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  1. nyahdon

    nyahdon Intergalactic Tourist

    As the title suggests I would like to see holiday themed bosses, each tier will be a harder version and they will spawn according to what the holiday is based around (time wise so you don't have to change planets) They will drop armour accessible only by killing them and dropping a good amount of pixels. Here are a few ideas and what kind of attack:

    • flies around 8 pixels high from his previous state before flying (if that makes sense) and drops down presents shaped like bombs, they explode dealing low amounts of damage while a high explosive radius and a very high knock back (the explosion does not explode terrain I know this can be annoying). Dropping 2 - 3 bombs which are spread quite far a part. the speed in which we flies is just the average walking speed. There is a jumping then a flying animation to let the user prepare for the attack.
    • Throws a present towards you can either heal you or poison you, the chances of poison is greater than healing you.
    • Charges at you this charge is extremely fast and he gets ready to charge to let the user have time to jump or run
    Add more if you like these are just ideas.

    Vampire (Halloween)

    This by far my favourite idea...

    The concept is he is one of the really hard ones and is the one to fight if you are on the next tier (example tier 2 will want to fight tier 1)
    • When he is damaged 10% he will turn into a bat and split into 2 this repeats until he has 9, they will all deal the same amount of damage as if they had 100% health so the less health he has the more deadly he becomes.
    • He charges up and goes in for a swoop (takes around 5 seconds to charge and this is the time he is most vulnerable and takes the most damage) He swipes twice and if he hits he will heal around 30% of what he took off you. be careful as when there is 9 you are basically dead...
    • He flies around but is quite close to the ground
    • Creates a orb that slowly sucks you in and yet again it takes time to charge but this time he is defensive and is takes little to no damage this is the best time to run as he slowly sucks you in and further you run the less change of being damaged by the suck. when you get sucked in you take DoT and the final seconds he blows up the orb and deals a great amount of damage and knocking you back a far bit.

    Put in more that you would like to see and I would like to include a few other religious holidays and make sure its not just all Christian holidays so people don't feel left out.

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