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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ThitPoulsen, May 18, 2016.

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    Helloo :D

    I've been looking for a horse mod and while i found one i like and i am happy with, what i would really like is a horse looking like this but for the brown to be more like this shade and with black legs like this and with a black saddle. I really dont like the original saddle colors x.x

    I would love if someone was up for doing this for me or could potentially provide (or let me know where to find) what i need to make this mod myself. I have 0 modding experience but i do have graphical experience.
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      If you want to edit the horse file you just need a tool for unpacking and packing the .xnb file. It can be found in this thread:
      It's called XNB Node and will give you a png file. You can edit it with any program you like (which supports transparent pngs), and then pack it up with the XNB Node again. The horse file is within the game's content/animals folder.
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