RELEASED Horses to Dragons/Pegasi (+Saddleless Steeds and Hercules Pegasus)

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    The only other dog I can think of would be a Shisa in japanese mythology. At least I think its a dog it looks more like a dragon but they say its a dog so who knows. But all your ideas sound wonderful and that's an incredible amount of work. I wish you the best of luck if you decide to pursue it
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      Wow this is beautiful. Great work!
      • xjapanboy

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        now let's wait for it to be able to fly
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        • Patmos of Endtimes

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          If you want a gryphon, but keep with the hoofbeats, why not compromise with a hippogriff? I'd certainly love a gryphon, but they aren't much known for their compassionate and tolerant natures. A hippogriff would be more inclined to be ridden.
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          • Vixxi

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            Mount replacements are a butt, especially if starting from scratch, so I totally feel you there.
            A Capricorn might be kinda cute for the goat, though having a fish tail might feel a little out of place.
            Ooh, what about a Taurus or some other bull creature to replace the cow? We can just pretend they make milk, lol.
            Anubis as a dog would be adorable and a Kitsune or Bast(et) as a cat.
            • Anielkasa

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              Can you do unicorn-pegasus? A pegasi with unicorn horn, I mean. That would be awesome :D
              • Deadcoffee

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                Hi! I love your dragon skin :3 I did a recolor for myself, hope you don't mind. I made a green version since that's my favourite color. The .xnb file is here and here's what it looks like:
                Thanks for an awesome skin!
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                • queenchrom

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                  A Toothless recolor (from How to Train Your Dragon) would be great! Maybe once I get some free time I could mess around with that idea...
                  • Jessicaksch

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                    I absolutely love your mod, especially that I can't play any video games without a blue dragon pet in it!

                    I was wondering if perhaps I could get permission for someone to make a mod for Starbound featuring your pegasi/dragons as pets/mounts?
                    • Aternova

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                      (20 years later)

                      I don't mind any recolors as long as credit is given. Same goes to you Jessicaksch; as long as you credit you're fine, aaaand I'll probably end up downloading that mod because I play Starbound more than I do Stardew lately :p

                      If anyone wants to contact me on stuff like this, your best bet is finding me on deviantart or Tumblr (Aternova and ater-nova respectively) as I check those sites a lot more frequently than I do here, to say the least ^^
                      • Hogweed

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                        Great looking mods! Getting an error that the mod was skipped because it is missing a manifest.json file. Too bad, these looked really great.
                        • FoxxRiddle

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                          I'm so excited now!! I totally downloaded a horse recolor.. but.. DRAGONS!!
                          • Chelly Madock

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                            I felt a little weird seeing my dragon only have hay in her stable, so I changed it so that now she has fish to eat!

                            Edit: Hmmm. Let's see if this picture will work instead.
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                              i would like to bring to your attention that when you go that when you go into your inventory you still a can see the horse picture if there is something that i didn't install please tell me
                              • Chelly Madock

                                Chelly Madock Void-Bound Voyager

                                To fix that you'll need to edit the Cursors.xnb file (In StardewValley>Content>LooseSprites). I think she didn't make one to go along with it because she would need to make a different Cursors.xnb to go with every different dragon/pegasus color (so 8 extra files), and if you have a modded cat/dog then you'd end up needing to modify the file yourself anyways to show both.

                                It's a pretty easy fix, so if you can't do it yourself (I don't know if you make mods yourself or not), I'd be willing to help you out. If you would like me to edit it for you: Which dragon/pegasus did you pick and do you have a modded cat or dog?
                                • bugmenever

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                                  Unofficial ContentPatcher version.

                                  Default is Pegasus Hercules w/ Saddle
                                  Run it once to make the config.json file.
                                  Can change horse in the config file based in the "Choice of Horse" line found in the content.json file.
                                  Can change saddle in the config file.

                                  All credit go to the original author.

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                                  • fadedwaif

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                                    Yessss! thanks for doing the content patcher version of this, I wasn't aware you had to load the mod first to get the config file. I'm using this on Android. Works great
                                    • Aternova

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