Modding Help How can I make portrait mods?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by mysty_arbuuu, Mar 11, 2017.

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    I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before so sorry about that! But I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I could make portrait mods? I don't really know anything about modding :catconfused: but I would love to get into it.

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      its actually pretty easy, as long as you are capable of doing some free-hand pixel drawing, or can scan and resize pictures that you want to use. you can PM me for specifics on how to do this, but ill post a simple how-to here

      if you havent already, get XNB Node to extract your game files. theres a couple tutorials on how to do that in this forum, pretty simple.
      Once your game files are extracted into the new folder (mine is called "contentunpacked"), you can now see two types of files, .yaml files (text, such as character dialogue) and .png (images). everything is done on "sprite sheets," or layouts that have frame by frame animations of what your character can do. in your instance, the portraits are still shots of the faces a character will make during dialogue.
      open the portrait png files using something like "" to edit them. do NOT use windows paint, it cannot do "transparant" backgrounds, and those are key when editing sprites and portraits.
      once you have edited the portraits, use XNB Node to re-pack all of the extracted game files back into the normal "content" folder.
      note: you may have to keep a backup of the \LooseSprites\cursors.xnb file on your desktop BEFORE editing, as re-packing can sometimes cause an issue with lighting in the game, and re-copying that particular file back over itself AFTER repacking usually solves the issue.
      after repacking and copying the cursors file, start the game, go talk to that character, and see if your portraits look good.

      again, this is just a quicky, but if you have deeper questions, by all means, PM me and i can lay it out in detail
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        Definitely went into more detail than I was about to! I was just about to mention demensions and to save them as .png. Noiice.
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          Ah! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

          Your explanation definitely gives me much more of an understanding. I will try and see how it works out! If I have more questions I will PM you :3 Thanks again.
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            "Definitely went into more detail than I was about to! I was just about to mention demensions and to save them as .png. Noiice."

            yeah i should have added that hah!

            Portraits are 64x64 pixels, walking sprits are 16x32 pixels (WxH). portraits are arranged 2 wide, and X down, depending on how many moods the game needs that character to have. "single" NPCs can have upwards of a dozen portraits total, whereas the non-single NPCs generally have 4-8 tops. same goes with the walking sprites (4 wide, X down). characters like abigail have a LOT of walking sprites because her character is involved in a lot of different activities. others, like george the old man only have a small sheet of walking sprites, since all he does is roll around in his chair and grumble at things.
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