How do I fix the underground brewing room problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jsan, Dec 1, 2016.

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    I'm just buy this game on Steam and star to play for a while (this is my second time after try the pirate copy) so I try to use Restroom mod and pinky furniture mod for my forest farm but nothing happen so I try to back up all of file that I had to but the bad effect is I cannot change the color of my box so I use the colorless boxes . And today I finished my underground brewing room (which the partition of 3rd upgraded house) but I can not find any of kegs , in contrast I can put cheeses and vines in to them but I cannot see them. So, please suggested any solutions for me to fix this problem.

    Thank you very much !!! T T

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        I'm sorry , Thank you anyway
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          It sounds like your Craftables.xnb might be outdated. Make sure the version you have is for 1.1.
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            I agree that is what it sounds like...Also double check on any other mods that might change the Craftables.xnb because not all mods have been updated for 1.1 worst case is reinstall and start fresh which is the worst case. Also if you transferred mods from your old stardew valley folder to your new steam version might also explain why they are not showing so I would make sure those mods are up to date. *edit* Had to change the last line about version's Apologies but yeah what Luthien said is more than likely the cause.
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