Modding Help How do you change the color of the frames inside your house?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Kai_76, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Kai_76

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    I hope this is okay to post!
    I've been looking to get some mods to change some stuff to better fit my style and what I want my house to look etc.. However I cannot figure out how to get a mod that makes the frame around the inside of the house to change color. I would like mine to be either dark brown, black or something in that style. Here are some examples of what i mean:

    (dark brown frames)
    (white frames)
    Found those pics on google, hopefully it helps explain what i mean. I'm not sure if i'm describing it correctly so hopefully it's understandable.
    I just really dislike the default wood color, it doesn't match the interior i am going for, its just something thats bothering me ^^

    I don't make mods myself, so I am mostly just looking for a mod that will do this for me (if one exist), but if you don't know of any already existing mods that do it, I am okay with trying to mod it myself if someone has a guide on how to do it!

    I would appreciate any help!
    (I play on mac btw, in case that is important information)
    • Moragaine

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      Kai, you want to look at map recolors: A Toned Down Stardew Valley recolors everything, including the farmhouse frames. If I remember correctly, there are 2 dark brown versions, one a warmer brown like is in the screenshot.

      If you want to do the recolor yourself, you'll need to edit the farmhouse_tiles tilesheet and the towninterior tilesheet. I suggest taking a look at something like ATDSV to see what frame bits go where.
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      • Ehh

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        I know this isn't my thread,but does recoloring your frames mean you automatically recolor the frames for the whole town?
        • Xuomi

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          @Ehh Yes. This is because both the farmhouse and the town use the file "townInterior" for the border frames of the buildings.
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          • Ehh

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            Ah, thanks

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