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How fast is the Patch Cycle ca? and a Suggestion !

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Movementcat, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Movementcat

    Movementcat Yeah, You!

    Dear Guys,

    first awesome Game i had already a quite bunch of fun.

    Second please make the game less random so that you can better win with Skill and good Tactic, so i feel now im related to my beginning luck with Items !

    Third. I feel i need new Content how fast is ca the Patch Cycle?

    Greetings Move
    • Daimera

      Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

      Make the game less random?

      You do realize that the core mechanic of this game is randomness and that the game was even named after a euphemism for chance, right? Making it less random would completely undermine one of the biggest advertised selling points of the game.
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      • gangwarily

        gangwarily Astral Cartographer

        • Movementcat

          Movementcat Yeah, You!

          Oh already Holliday's? or why so Kid's still online.
          • Firenze

            Firenze Aquatic Astronaut

            this thread makes no sense.
            • Biomatter

              Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Ha! I didn't understand the name of the game until you said that. Kudos.

              Also yeah the game is awesome random. Some of the items could use minor rebalancing, but for the most part all items have their niche.
              • Froggyman

                Froggyman Orbital Explorer

                The point of the game is to be random. If I'm not mistaken, they were shooting for an awesome sidescrolling roguelike, and that's exactly what this feels like. The random nature of the game makes playing it over and over again a thrill, and although chance can definitely screw you over, skill makes itself known in this game more so than any other game in the genre I've played. I actually have more fun playing when the chips are down than I do when I've got a ton of solid items that are boosting me through the early stages. The struggle is part of the fun.
                • Megadog

                  Megadog Astral Cartographer

                  I think the point of this thread was to point out that in some cases your early game item rolls can result in either an "unwinnable" situation or one where you're forced to run around constantly sneaking the occasional shot way beyond what could be considered fun. (I do enjoy the dodge/roll/shoot/jump routine, but if you've been unlucky with damage or lifesteal drops it can become really tedious.)
                  Note that this is somewhat addressed by the "choose one of these three items" thing (this needs an official name, I'm suggesting triplet capsule)

                  Perhaps instead of converting all the gold at the end of a level to experience, there's a chance you're awarded a bonus item? Higher chance of a higher tier if you've got more gold (relative to the current difficulty and stage of course)
                  Or upon the teleporter activating (countdown complete but still monsters alive), a triplet capsule spawns close by.

                  ...Although The devs could always just tweak the spawn rate of triplet capsules to be a little higher (maybe 1 definite spawn per stage with a high chance of an extra 1-2?)
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                  • Movementcat

                    Movementcat Yeah, You!

                    Yea, maybe somebody got me wrong my english is arent the best.

                    I not mean randomess of Level's or Monsters, i want some more of a choice Megadog had a good Point with Trible Capsule.

                    So i will throw Quick Idea's into the Room.

                    Make Chests drop 2 or 3 Item's but you can only choose one.


                    in the end of each level you should get a reward so so maybe choose between 3 Item's.

                    I dont think something like this destroy the Randomness you just can build up every Time a new Tactic, and dont feel cheated by the Game.

                    And somebody can please answer my other Question how fast the Patchcycle is?

                    • gangwarily

                      gangwarily Astral Cartographer

                      Patches has been coming out every week or two. But once they're off school for summer, I'm sure they will begin to buckle down and start pumping out content :]
                      • Zadmeir

                        Zadmeir Star Wrangler

                        Yeah, that's about half the game summed up right there. Everything has so much health, hits for so much, and spawns so quickly that running away and coming back to kill things on your own terms is the only way to survive. But that seems to be the way the game is designed. As a result, when that method is rendered unusable, the result can be certain death without the right items. In particular, there are a few enemies that really screw you over because of the inability to stay and fight.

                        1. Evolved Lemurians. They spawn half a dozen at a time and hit you mid-flight. So they're like the Jellyfish, except where the jellyfish's abilities are balanced by having slow movement speed, the Evolved Lemurians are fully capable of keeping up with a character unlucky enough to not find any speed boosts. The easiest way to take them out is to stay on one ledge. If you do that, they land to fight you and become no more difficult than normal lemurians. Unfortunately, you can never stay in one place in this game without the game spawning 2-4 enemies on your ledge in about half a second, and fighting in those conditions is a recipe for death for most characters. The best you can do before the timer runs out is run and possibly take pot shots, so you better have the defensive items or you aren't going to win that battle of attrition.

                        2. Yellow Elites. They hit very fast, run very fast, and have a lot of health. The real problem is that they can teleport to you from across the map. And then they hit you a split second later, leaving no time to react. Even Golems, Mushrooms, and those giant Ghost things can hit you almost instantly out of a teleport, dealing huge damage. There is no escaping from these. You have to stay and fight them, otherwise more will show up, and it'll become a battle of attrition. But you can't fight them because, again, the game will spawn more enemies on your location and you'll be overrun. They seem to show up in groups even in Stage 2 and on lower time difficulties in Hardcore, meaning you likely won't have the items necessary for survival. Jumping and staying on a vine one way to survive against them, but if you have a bunch of jellyfish or Evolved Lemurians after you to kill you on the vine, you might be well and truly screwed. In my opinion, yellow elites are ridiculously harder than any other elite variant and could probably use a nerf. It's mainly the hitting you near instantly after teleporting behind you thing. If the teleport triggered their attack cooldown or they needed to wait a moment before attacking you after a teleport, it would be much more balanced IMO.

                        Edit: Ugh, misinformation in that last paragraph. Edited.
                        • hopoo

                          hopoo Risk of Rain Developer Developer

                          What items make you feel like 'dang, I really wish I got something else'?
                          • Treadlight

                            Treadlight Existential Complex

                            Use items that are worse than the one I am currently holding, sometimes Bitter Root, most drones, Monster Tooth, Life Savings, and sometimes Gasoline.
                            On the other hand, there are some items that give me the opposite feeling when I get them.
                            • betasword

                              betasword Void-Bound Voyager

                              Honestly? I'd say, depending on the situation, none of them. All the items are useful at different times. The only one that kinda bums me out in the late game is the Infusion, because after a certain point, it no longer gives you health. At that point, it is literally a wasted item. Up until that point, though, it's fantastically useful. Same goes for pretty much every one else I can think of, outside of active items. And that's only because I'll usually get one I want to stick with, and then ignore the rest.

                              Really, though, I don't think some people understand what a roguelike is. It's random. It's chance. It's "Oh no I didn't get the item I wanted and then I died too bad let's start again". Sure, a certain amount of skill plays into it, but at the same time, part of the draw is playing again and again, hoping the random number generator is on your side and showers you in delicious delicious useful items. Until then, you keep playing, getting better at the core gameplay while learning how to use the items you didn't necessarily want better.

                              Seriously, though. If people are already complaining that the randomness of items is an awful, terrible thing, then I can't wait to see how people react once the game is finished, and there's more than twice the amount of items in game. You think it's bad now? Wait till you never see the item you want because there's so damn many of them for the random number generator to choose from, of varying levels of usefulness/uselessness.

                              And yes, I am seriously hoping at some point that an item is added that is literally and completely useless. Just to mess with people. :D
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                              • Daimera

                                Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

                                Anyone who plays The Binding of Isaac knows exactly what this feels like, and that game is extremely popular and fun as HELL.
                                • Ifrit

                                  Ifrit Starship Captain

                                  I really think that the game, while it seems unfair sometimes and unlucky, works best as it is, you get bad runs, but they just make the good ones even sweeter
                                  • Myth

                                    Myth Space Penguin Leader

                                    All of the items in Risk of Rain stack, while in the Binding of Isaac some don't mix well, or not at all (IPECAC and MY REFLECTION= death)

                                    The point of rogue-likes is to see how far you can get with the item drops given to you. Beating blue baby by a half heart is super thrilling.
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                                    • Myth

                                      Myth Space Penguin Leader

                                      Just call it a shop xD
                                      • Megadog

                                        Megadog Astral Cartographer

                                        For me, it's monster tooth, life savings, mysterious vial and every "on use" item that isn't drone repair, the mirror or unstable watch/sheild generator. I feel like maybe the drop rates for "on use" items might be a little high, considering you can only carry one, and they don't wear out.

                                        Monster tooth and mysterious vial are just completely outclassed by all other kinds of healing. They're only ok in the first stage, but after that to me they seem pretty useless.
                                        Life savings generates so little gold, and because difficulty = time, it's only use is if you're at 23 gold as you're passing a chest. (my suggestion would be to add in a "keep some gold between levels" attribute to it)
                                        fire sheild... that's probably just because I tend to play commando and don't like getting hit at all, so I wouldn't read into it.
                                        Oh, I say "oh bummer" at every infusion after the first (i hit the health cap pretty quickly and from there its useless) and at every smart shopper after the 3rd (so many coins dropping hurts my frame rate <_< Maybe make them drop larger value coins instead of a million little red ones, when you've got multiple smart shoppers?)

                                        Regarding the on use items...
                                        ...the long cooldown makes the emergency ones infinitely more appealing.
                                        the fruits 50% heal is a buzzkill. Maybe temporarily increase max life by a % as well?
                                        The key + pillaged gold - gold is everywhere after stage 2, especially with a "smart shopper", making economic on use items not only boring but useless.
                                        Missilepack/perscriptions/minefield/call drones are all less effective than the mirror in terms of dps output (in my opinion).

                                        But seeing as burst dps isn't important when you're dead, I tend to grab a shield generator or an unstable watch as soon as I can and I stick with it. Once I've got one of these, all the "on use" item drops are a huge bummer.

                                        I think that's about it, TL;DR my quarrel with the use items.

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