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How to change the style of the forum?

Discussion in 'Website Feedback/Issues' started by XemorDio, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. XemorDio

    XemorDio Big Damn Hero

    How to change the style of the forum?
    I accidentally chose the style of the forum, I wanted to find a dark one, but I can not return it, there is no back button, nothing is below, save
    Now I have a style from the game stardew valley.
    Sorry for English, I think you understood me
    Just show me how to change the style, you can take a screenshot, thanks!
  2. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

  3. XemorDio

    XemorDio Big Damn Hero

    omg, thanks! thread deleted

    hmm, when you select a style, the page is simply saved and nothing changes ...
    Oh, I had to leave the accout, how silly I am
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