How to get large eggs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rogther, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Rogther

    Rogther Intergalactic Tourist

    I´ve had 3 chickens for 2 months already and i only got small eggs. I need large ones for the community center.
    I assumed that they need to grow(even more) but it´s been 2 months already. The Wiki doesn´t say anything about it either.
    • BuenoNino

      BuenoNino Orbital Explorer

      Chickens have a chance to produce eggs every morning. Happier chickens may produce larger, more valuable eggs. Your relationship with the chickens should be growing, be patient, are you feeding properly? Also, hows your relationship with the chickens? Remember harvest moon? You were only able to get golden eggs if the chicken loved you :3
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        The quality of animal products is based on the relationship.
        To improve relationship make sure they are let outside every day - for chickens use the hatch outside the building, make sure you fence the area first and close the hatch at night.

        Talking to the animals daily also improves their relationship.
        You can click on the animal to see what relationship level they are with you currently.
        • Haebaragi

          Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

          The Gypsy also sells some by chance. I got large white eggs this way :3
          • Godot

            Godot Big Damn Hero

            Go into the coop daily and right click on each chick .. they love it ... important for raising your relationship with them
            • stringstorm

              stringstorm Astral Cartographer

              I got mine randomly. Both the large eggs and the large milk.
              • Xylia

                Xylia Tiy's Beard

                As other posters said...

                1). Right-Click on each chicken at least once (I do it twice to check their relationship meter, and this verifies that you did in fact click on the chicken)
                2). If it is not raining or winter, let the animals outside to feed (you will need a fenced in area with grass).
                3). Make sure the animals can go back in at night (don't close the hatch before 5PM, lol)
                4). Get a heater for winter. It's not very expensive, and it keeps your animals happy. No, the Big Coop's incubator does NOT count as a heater.

                My routine was usually...

                1). Get up in the morning, go in, talk to each animal, collect the products.
                2). Open the hatch (unless it's raining/winter)
                3). Dump eggs/milk into machines to produce mayo/cheese
                4). Come back at 5PM after doing other stuff, make sure all animals are in, and close the hatch.

                Some clarifications:

                1). If it is sunny out and you do NOT let your animal out, chances are it will not have eggs/milk for you the next day. Animals do not like eating hay if fresh grass is available.
                2). Large Eggs/Milk are entirely random, but not altogether rare, even from lower-heart animals. As long as you take care of them consistently, you should get large products on a regular basis.
                3). If you don't like the idea of having to constantly redo fences, use hardwood fences. They last nearly 2 years. You can get 12 per day with each visit to the deep woods (above the wizard's house past the fallen log, requires Steel Axe).
                4). Make sure you got enough grass for the number of animals you have, 4 animals can really chew up a few squares of grass rather quickly. Buy some grass starters if you need, I found that 5-6 grass starters spread out was enough to keep my 4 animals per pasture from running out of grass.
                • Rogther

                  Rogther Intergalactic Tourist

                  Ok, thanks for the help, i think i wasnt letting them out enough.
                  • Marak

                    Marak Big Damn Hero

                    Eh, a lot of it comes down to random chance. Xylia's tips are all solid, but even a dummy like me that didn't even realize you could let the animals outside was able to get Large Eggs (and Large Milk) simply by making sure the animals had food and were clicked/petted every single day. Once they hit 3 hearts or so, I started seeing the Large produce appear. I don't have any solid numbers but it seems like 3 hearts is like a 25% chance for large, 4 hearts is closer to 33% and 5 hearts is about 50%. That's just my limited experience/observations, though.
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