How to make Starbound Non-Linear: The Reputation System

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    I've been considering a way to allow the player to do any mission in any order without just giving all the "scan to find clues" quests all at once, which is to incorporate a Reputation System, here's how it works:
    starbound reputation system.png
    You gain Reputation points from scanning objects, interacting with races, reading codexes, and completing minor NPC quests, when you gain a certain amount of RP for a certain race, you will receive a signal to find one of the story characters aboard their own ship, after introducing themselves, they will beam to the outpost. After increasing your RP even further, they will inform you of where their race's artifact is hidden, then temporarily leave the outpost when you accept the quest.

    Another function of the reputation system is to allow the player to craft any equipment from other races:
    starbound research.png
    You can unlock crafting recipes by researching information obtained from RP, this would of course require legacy weapons to be reintroduced with updated designs to get the most out of it.

    Here's what the standard equipment would look like:
    starbound standard gear.png
    Although you have a variety to choose from, their still the first tier of craftable equipment, so you will want to raise your RP quickly.

    In order to increase Reputation quickly, there should be a new function for S.A.I.L., which is a communication terminal, this is where the player can receive multiple quests without needing to scurry around every planet around every system, it's structured similarly to the bounty board in the peacekeeper station, but you also have arrows on either side that let you sort the quests into different categories.

    I await your opinions and feedback.(I'm not sure why defeating members of the Occasus would cause your reputation to go UP with them either, but it makes sense for unlocking the Dantalion quest)

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