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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by WelshPixie, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Jonesy

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    Above the thread listings, there's a nice big "Post New Thread" button. Not hard to find.
  2. m1a2x3

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    It's not really there...
  3. Patrik333

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    Should I search for any suggestion topics similar to my suggestion before posting? What if I find a suggestion that is similar, but not quite identical to my idea?

    If my suggestion has several ideas to it (like... a "compound" suggestion), should I post each idea separately? What if one idea relies on another idea being implemented?

    A couple examples of this would be:

    The different races should have perks/bonuses/specializations. The "Glitch" race should be able to use coal and wood as food alternatives, and have a bonus to mining speed, but take twice as much damage from electricity, and take damage over time when in water, or when it's raining.

    This one suggestion contains at least 6 distinct ideas - Race Perks; Food Alternatives; Mining Boost; 2x Damage from Electricity; Damage from Water; Damage from Rain. But all of them are heavily related and all of the "Perks" rely on the initial idea of implementing Perks in the first place.

    The Planetary Mining Laser should be an endgame mining tool. It should come in two parts - the Laser and the Target Painter. The Laser would be placed inside the Ship. When a Player aims the Target Painter at a block, there would be a 2s delay, and then a laser should come down from the sky, breaking all blocks in a 10 wide x 50 deep rectangle and damaging nearby enemies. The Laser would have a cooldown of 20s. You would be able to craft 3 additional "Mods" onto the Laser: Extra Damage to Mobs, Larger AoE, or Faster RoF.

    This is another suggestion that I actually want to make (although, I haven't gotten to sector 3 yet so for all I know, it could already exist).

    But, it's a very long, compound suggestion, turning it into a general thing it would look like this:

    Main Idea (Laser). Sub-Main Idea (2 Parts). Auxiliary Idea (Laser in Ship). Description of Idea which in itself contains several ideas: Target Painter; 2s Delay, Laser from Sky, 10x50 Blocks, Damage Mobs. Another Aux. Idea (Cooldown). Auxiliary Idea (Mods) which in itself contains sub-ideas: Damage, AoE, RoF.

    Since all of the ideas about how the laser works rely on the laser being implemented in the first place, I have no idea as to how I could break this one suggestion down. Even if I could make each sub-idea make sense without the context of the main idea, I would have to create around 10 topics to break down this one suggestion. And this is just a suggestion for one item - what if I want to suggest a new gameplay element, which involves several ideas of how the gameplay would work, and those ideas contain item ideas, and each item idea is as complex as this one?

    Please advise as to what I would do in these cases - I don't want to simplify my ideas too much, else they'd become vague and just as unhelpful, but if I submit a suggestion as one paragraph will it just be ignored outright?

    Lastly, can I make a meta-suggestion: Obviously Try can't respond to every suggestion on here, but would it be possible to have an automated message sent to a user's inbox to notify them of Try, or any other developer (how big is the team?) reading the post? It would be very rewarding to see that a developer has taken your suggestion into consideration, even if nothing else comes of it.

    (If you haven't already figured out, I am pretty wordy when it comes to writing forum posts - sorry..!)
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  4. MoonBeast

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    Actually, instead of that, it just said I have insufficient privileges
  5. Jonesy

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    You need to actually go into one of the Suggestions sub-forums to post. You can't just do it in Suggestions. You should be able to in Suggestions / Mechanics or Suggestions / Other, for example.
  6. mVran

    mVran Space Hobo

    If i would Try so suggest something. Like "how about plantable trees", Where would someone put this? Iike if you cut down a forest you get some sampling wich can be replanted. Because after the last update i started a new game and found myself an an small arid planet next to a ice planet. Till then i didn know about the new fuel oprions. so i wound up with a problem. But Farming trees would be a great way to help out. If a plant seed need's 11min to grow, make a tree seed grow in 22min. It would be great.

    And one more thing, I liked it better when there where more different tier planets in the system. In my opinion it made the game more realistic. Cos not all planets are the same, nor all the animals are the same. It made sense to have diferent tier plannets in all the systems. Now after patch they are all tier 1. I liked whey i had to look for a planet tier 1, and try to visit a planet tier 3 when ready and so on. Kinda my opinon.

    If i posted it in the wrong section, please corect me and point me to the right one. Than you for your time reading this.
  7. Radon Bust

    Radon Bust Master Chief

    I went to, and there it said:

    "Suggestions posted on the suggestions subforums will be posted here for up/down voting."

    However, when I clicked "New Suggestions", apparently the "newest" one is from 3rd of November, even though people post suggestions all the time. So, what, is the system broken or something?
  8. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Yes, it is. Suggestions Bot, who used to link the threads for voting, was killed in a forum update and hasn't been fixed since. Since the beta, though, I think they've had other priorities.
  9. Thatvanillakid

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    Are all suggestions checked?
  10. Spoon Boy

    Spoon Boy Phantasmal Quasar

    Few thoughts I've had from gameplay so far:

    I've had several cases where I'm on an incredibly cold planet, and just as I'm about to put down a campfire, something breathes fire on me and I'm afflicted with "BURNING!"

    Now, what I've said a few times after some deaths like this is, "If I'm dying from intense heat, the last thing I should be worrying about is freezing to death!"

    In short, if you're on fire, perhaps buff the player as having full warmth for a bit. lol

    Also, I noticed I still freeze when standing near lava... not sure if that should be worth changing, but I'd guess that stuff puts off at leastas much heat as a campfire.
  11. eunito

    eunito Astral Cartographer

    Anyone know how the voting works? I click up/down and it does nothing...
    It just takes me to the main forum... :/
    (talking about this - )


    no admin there?

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  12. renato1402

    renato1402 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    But everytime i try to make a suggestion it says i don't have permission to do that :c

    O nvm that, but if i want to suggest guns in ship, should it be on "vehicles and mounts" or "weapons"?
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  13. halfstar

    halfstar Aquatic Astronaut

    How do i post new ideas? Please help!
  14. PSIRobot

    PSIRobot Seal Broken

    Do the developers commonly check the suggestion forums?
  15. smillyderpface

    smillyderpface Aquatic Astronaut

    um ok
  16. Hilo2542

    Hilo2542 Void-Bound Voyager

    So if I put in a suggestion for a new sector, with a boss, items and species, it would go into the planets area wouldn't it?
  17. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    That sounds like the most logical place, if the boss, items and species are unique to that sector.
  18. Lemony Shtickit

    Lemony Shtickit Big Damn Hero

    Ummm... How do you make threads?
  19. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Look for the 'Post New Thread' button towards the top of a given page.
  20. Lemony Shtickit

    Lemony Shtickit Big Damn Hero

    Top left or right, also what pages?

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