Modding Help How to replace music tracks?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by looper8330, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. looper8330

    looper8330 Yeah, You!

    hello how would I go about replacing various boss music for my own use?Ive never really created mods for these games before and want to know if I just add some loose files or if I have to create a mod from scratch.
    Is there any mod thats just a template to add your own music in? I really only want to replace 2 tracks.
  2. TheFakeDoge

    TheFakeDoge Big Damn Hero

    That depend , If you want the mod only for you just overwrite the musics , if you want to upload it in workshop you gonna need to make a .patch file
  3. looper8330

    looper8330 Yeah, You!

    yeah just for me.I only want to replace the ruin music and the basic boss music
  4. looper8330

    looper8330 Yeah, You!

    So how would I go about overwriting the music?I know what the track is called I just don't know how to replace it?Is there a folder of some sort that contains the music?

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