Boss Human Boss "Pox Nero" Concept and Art

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    Pox Nero is a USCM black ops soldier that was originally sent out to battle out the tentacle creature that invaded the Human Race's planet but while aboard the spaceship he mutinied and killed the other 5 USCM black ops soldiers boarding with him and escaped to a distant planet equipped with the gears of the fallen soldiers he killed and the Mech called Claudius fresh from the USCM weapons lab that is supposed to be tested out from the supposed mission. Currently he is a wanted outlaw by the USCM and the Avians because he is known to attack avian airships and loot it out of its contents.

    The attack Mechanics (Mech Claudius)

    1. When you fight him he is originally aboard his mech Claudius once beaten he will eject his mech and fight you 1 on 1.

    2.Fires 2 missiles at a time. the target location will be marked for the players to predict where it will lend

    3. Has gatling turrets that can fire simultaneously after he fires his missiles

    4. When down to 30% health he can now fire his laser railgun simultaneously with his other weapons which shoots concentrated laser beam from where he stands slowly reaching the players position.

    Claudius Mech.jpg

    The attack Mechanics (Pox Nero)

    1.Wields a sword

    2.Can use dash

    3.Throws 3 semtex knives in a volley which can stick to blocks and explode in 3 seconds. When the player is hit it will not explode.
    Pox Nero.jpg

    (Concept art is not mine)
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    This would be pretty cool, I love the backstory you made for him.
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  4. macklemore012

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    Thanks, pls check out my other 3 boss concepts
  5. Mango art

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    I like it! It's really neat how he's actually human. It's so much more relatable because all the other bosses are gems, penguins, etc.

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