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    Hi, everyone! Just dropping in with some more updates.

    I've made some good progress over the inter-semester break, and am up to chapter 7. Things are starting to look a lot different now, but I'm more satisfied with the story than ever. I'm very excited for some of the places where the story will be headed in the coming chapters.

    I've also done some thinking, and I've decided to set myself the goal of having the story finished by the end of next year. As such, I'll be taking the story down at the end of this year. This should allow enough time for anyone who wants to finish reading the story to do so, but still means the story will be down for a good 12 months between its original form and the improved one. I'll leave the thread itself up, in order to show potential publishers the story's reception, as well as to keep you all in the loop with how it's coming along.
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  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    As planned, the time has finally come to take the story down for now, in preparation for future publishing of the re-written version. It's a pretty bittersweet moment; I've got a lot of great memories about uploading chapters and eagerly anticipating people's responses. I'd like to thank you all for following the story all these years, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. I'll be keeping the thread itself up for now in order to keep you all updated on where H&L goes from here.

    On the topic of the re-write, it's coming along very well. I'm just finishing up chapter 12, which by my reckoning is over the halfway mark. Everything's working together quite well, and the stakes are high. But I won't spoil anything.
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