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Hyper Artifacts

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AmericanTrailMix, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. AmericanTrailMix

    AmericanTrailMix Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Unlocked by unlocking every other artifact, these artifacts would appear on different variants of the maps than the normal ones. (for instance, where as Honor is found in one variant of Desolate Forest, it's Hyper counterpart would appear in the other version that has the open cave.)
    These artifacts would have cool new effects. Half would be based off the previous artifacts, and the other half would appear as completely new artifacts.


    Soul (Hyper Spirit): Enemies are faster but deal slightly less damage.
    Rage (Hyper Honor): Bosses will spawn more often, and teleporter bosses are harder, however normal enemies spawn much less.
    Double (Hyper Sacrifice): Items are twice as powerful, but also twice as rare. (Means of buying items are half as common, drop rates from enemies with 56 leaf clover/sacrifice artifact are halved, but effects of items are applied twice, such as beating embryo granting 60% chance of double effect over 30%)
    Smite (Hyper Spite): Enemies become time bombs instead of dying. These bombs can hurt both you and other enemies, and become elemental if the target is also elemental(elite). Bomb power is based on enemy power, similar to spite.
    Corruption (Hyper Distortion): Every 5 minutes, a skill of yours is replaced by a skill of a different class (for example, commando's Tactical Dive turns into the huntress' Blink, or bandit's Blast turns into Enforcer's Riot Shotgun.
    Omega (Hyper Origin): Strange and bizarre effects on the game. This artifact has no description when moused over. Some changes would be like Lemurians being very strong and very slow, and Golems being very fast and very weak, or jellyfish will now try to flank you rather than go straight torwards you, or that bosses would have new, more powerful moves or behave completely different.

    Suggestions of your own? Post them!

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