I have a few questions:

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    1. Can terraformers give planets the city background from the start of the game or at least a populated looking one?

    2. Does terraforming change the tier of your tenant's rent?

    3. Will weather conditions change or appear after terraforming? (Imagine having large meteors on a lush planet)

    4. Is there a way to make bigger screenshots without editing several individual ones together? (I've seen a few massive unedited screenshots somewhere)

    5. Is there a way to obtain starter clothing from a different race without the use of multiplayer? (Chucklefish should add a tailor tenant. We already have fashion related furniture like the hylotl hologram)

    6. Can market stalls have salesmen attached to them without mods or admin commands?

    Please answer with the corresponding question number to avoid my tiny brain getting confused.
    Any answers would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
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    I only know the answers to a few of these unfortunately, but I hope it'll be helpful:
    1. Yes, but only through cheating. The command /spawnitem terraformerforest 1 '{"terraformBiome":"earth","terraformPlanetType":"earth"}' should work (let me know if it doesn't).
    3. Yes, but only after enough terraforming to change the planet's background.
    4. The extra zoom levels mod is good for big screenshots, the ones you've seen were probably taken using this mod.
    Hope it helps!
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    1. The only problem with using a terraformer as suggested is that the tutorial mission on Earth runs at a different game speed. When another planet is terraformed using the 'earth' terraformer it results in the background animations (clouds and the flying vehicles) running faster than they are supposed to. It makes it look like everything is in a really big hurry, lol

    2. No, terraforming does not change the tier of the planet.
    The Terraforming page on the wiki will give you more information. A very useful resource for finding out stuff :)

    4. Another thing that can be combined with zooming out depends on what graphics capabilities you have. My desktop monitor's native resolution is 1440 x 900 but my graphics card can go up to 2048 x 1536 and I can select panning mode where the screen has a lower resolution. The game is unplayable like this due to the need to pan around and is rather laggy, but it can be useful to get really big screenshots.

    Here's what it looks like at native resolution, but zoomed out to 1x ( I normally play at the default 3x) I've reduced the images to 800 wide to fit on the page and for a more direct comparison:


    and here is the larger view:

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