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I have problems with the crossbuy of my physical game of ps4

Discussion in 'Support' started by ElLadrillo, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. ElLadrillo

    ElLadrillo Space Hobo

    Hola, acabo de llamar al asistente de ps4 y me ha dicho que no me puede ayudar y que mejor pregunte aquí. Mi problema es que compre en navidades el juego Stardew Valley para ps4 en físico. Hace poco metieron el crossbuy con psvita, y al intentar descargar el juego me pone que no lo tengo comprado. He estado buscando información y se supone que me tendría que traer el juego un código. Me gustaría tener el juego en psvita pero me detecta como que no lo tengo descargado. AYUDA

    Hi, I just called the ps4 assistant and he told me he can not help me and what better to ask here. My problem is that I buy at Christmas the game Stardew Valley for ps4 in physics. Recently they put the crossbuy with psvita, and when trying to download the game, it says that I have not bought it. I've been looking for information and I'm supposed to bring the game a code. I would like to have the game in psvita but it detects me like I do not have it downloaded. HELP
    • alexaxa

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      Cross buy works if you have bought the digital version of the PS4 game, not with the physical.

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